Veteran actress Anjali Devi is no more
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13 January 2014

Veteran actress Anjali Devi (86 years old) died in Chennai on 13 January 2014. She was born in Peddapuram on 24 August in 1927. She was a theater artist before entering movies. It was director C Pullaiah who rechristened her from Anjali Kumari to Anjali Devi. She made her film debut with Raja Harischandra film in 2936 with the role Lohitasya. Her first film as heroine is LV Prasad’s Kastajeevi (1940). Her milestone film is Lava Kusa in which she actress as Seetha. She has married music director P Adinarayana Rao in 1940. She has acted over 350 films in Telugu and other languages. She has also establishes Anjali Devi Pictures banner and produced a few films. She has won Raghupati Venkaiah award in 2005. She has won Filmfare awards for his acting in films like Anarkali (1955), Suvarna Sundari (1957), Chenchulakshmi (1958) and Jayabheri (1959). May her soul rest in peace!


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