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09 July 2015

Nagarjuna May rajamouli and team be showered with appreciation and blessed wt a fantastic success for their epic BAAHUBALI.

Wishing the whole team of Bahubali all the best.especially the visionary sure he is ready with his guns to pounce on the world.

Telugu cinema khyatini dasa disala Bahubali vyapimpachestundani na nammakam.

Allu Arjun

I wish the entire team of BAAHUBALI a great success. Proud to see the size of Telugu Cinema this Big. It's not just a movie it's our PRIDE

I heart fully wish darling Prabas N dearest friend Rana to greater heights in their career. N I thank S.S.R. for scaling up our Industry

Vivek Oberoi

Can't wait to see this one!!! #Epic director, #Epic track record, #Epic box office!!! #LiveTheEpic

Wish you all the best!!! May this film create new records! I'm a huge fan of @ssrajamouli sir since #magadheera

Honestly @ssrajamouli sir is a legend! His films have made #tollywood proud! India is blessed to have a visionary like him! #Bahubali

Shekhar Kapur Trailer of #Bahubali is amazing. Cant wait to see the film. Love the way @ssrajamouli makes his films.
Nani Okkaokkadu kaadhu sher khan.. Prapanchamantha okey saari chudabothundhi.. Can't wait for Tomorrow captain @ssrajamouli #BaahubalionJuly10th

#Baahubali - Pride of TeluguCinema ithe @ssrajamouli - Pride of Indian Cinema ..Gud Luck #Prabhas, @RanaDaggubati ,@tamannaahspeaks ,Sweety-

- and the 1000s of people who have put in 2 years of their life into the film.. Hope these Daring Producers make all their money & more!

Samantha Let there be BAAHUBALI!!!!!!!!
Akhil Akkineni

INDIA's PRIDE!!!!!!!!!! #Baahubali

BAHUBALI BAHUBALI BAHUBALI !BAHUBALI ! BAHUBALI ! BAHUBALI bahubali is here !!! Brace yourselfs people. We are about to witness history!!!!

Every Indian should be proud. We are privileged to be a part of a country that has produced a product of this scale. Thank you rajamouli sir

Wishing not just my best friend, my brother and the most hardworking person I've seen all the best @ssk1122! He lived #Baahubali for 3 years

Renu Desai

I Know the films is very big & doest't needmy endorsement, but still would request all my well wishers & fans to deff watch it with friends & family, as it is a huge step farward for not just telugu but Indian film industry. I will be watching it in Pune with Akira & my friends for sure

E oka #Baahubali film kosam antha 'fanism' pakkan pettesi andaru,Telugu film industry kosam cinema chusi support cheyaandi,naa personal req

Infact we d audience should be thanking your entire team for making such a spectacular film& making Telugu ind proud

Pranitha My TL is filled with tweets on #Baahubali .. Lovely to see the entite nation celebrating the release of a film!
PC Sreeram BAAHUBALI the beginning of many more such films to come ,will definitely be experience to watch . Waiting to watch this spectacle.
Lavanya Tripathi Looks like i'll be celebrating this #Bahubali festival in mumbai😃😄
Allu Sirish

Telugu cinema's crown jewel unfolds tomorrow. Wishing Prabhas, @RanaDaggubati, Rajamouli sir & whole unit all the best for #Bahubali.

Spl mention to daring producers Shobhu, Prasad & Arka Media team for mouting this epic. You've raised the industry's standards. #respect

Gopi Mohan

So much pressure for Bahubali movie tickets from Relatives & Friends.Films industry లో రైటర్ గా చేస్తున్నావ్,బాహుబలి టికెట్స్ ఇప్పించలేవా...

Happy for my friends,Arka media-producers @Shobu_ (సోభు యార్లగడ్డ)& Devineni Prasad.With this kind of craze box office will rock for sure :)

My best wishes to Master Filmmaker @ssrajamouli garu for directing such an epic with great passion & Efforts

Best wishes to Bahubali Prabhas,@RanaDaggubati,Anushka,@tamannaahspeaks,@meramyakrishnan,@mmkeeravani garu & team :)

Kalyan Koduri

One day to go for the epic BAAHUBALI..No..for the epic BLOCKBUSTER!!

Bahubali Bahubali Bahubali..These shouts will ring in my heart as long as i live..Proud to be born in our family!!

Sharrath Marar Wishing the entire #Bahubali team @ssrajamouli @Shobu_ a great success. A tremendous effort in Indian cinema. Looking forward to July 10 !

Oka sumo PVR daggara pedatha.tkts dorakaledanko 2 sumolu Cinemax daggara pedatha ,akkada miss ayithe, 3 sumolu Prasads daggara pedatha..

Anni sumolu endukura Bujji.. Aiyinaa IMAX daggara 144 section pettetatttunnaru..directtuga @ssrajamouli intikeelli adukkovachhuga ;)#Bahubal


Sundeep Kishan

Telugu vallu andaru oke saari meesalu thipukovachu inka :) #PrideofTFI #Baahubali - The Beginning

Vammoo aa response enti..they were my friends tickets for his family & company bulk booking..urikine joke ga pettenu anthe..andulo 2 navi :)

Vennela Kishore Shabbbaaaa..Finally my manager @mahendra7997 got me two tickets..when i asked for one more..#Bahubali #ticketsunnaya
Rahul Ravindran Tickets in hand.. all set for FDFS:)
Sushanth Bahubaliiii!!! It is absolutely everywhere! It's not just Telugu/Regional cinema pride but is India's Pride! May the World take notice...
Kona Venkat BAHUBALI !!!! The pride of indian cinema..
Subbaraju To redefine the scope of Indian Cinema and rewrite the standards of Filmmaking, here comes the masterpiece, 'Bahubali'
Rakul Preet Singh #Bahubali .Hope it breaks all records n gives telugu cinema a world wide recognition.It's our pride. Good Luck to d team !!
Richa Gangopadhyay Wishing all the best to my two favorite on-screen heroes, Darling Prabhas and Ranaman @RanaDaggubati for #Bahubali!!!!!
Hamsa Nandini #Bahubali has arrived.Lets hope it gives TFI world wide reach. Best of luck team. Let's rock
Parvathy Nair Wishing @ssrajamouli @RanaDaggubati & the whole #Bahubali team a super duper success :) waiting to watch it..! so excited nd thrilling..
Lakshmi Manchu

I feel like I've produced the movie #Baahubali. What an amazing buzz. This is what cinema is supposed to be. Bow down to @ssrajamouli

Anybody who watches #Baahubali through piracy is SCUM. PERIOD. Go see in the theatres. #SAYNOTOPIRACY

Nikhil Today will be Remebered as the Day TELUGU CINEMA MADE A BREAKTHROUGH INTERNATIONALLY... Ppl will sit up nd Notice us.. Thank u #BAAHUBALI
Shriya Reddy Best wishes to team#Baahubali already hearing unbelievable reports somecalling it a classic Wow #Rajamouli has taken cinema to the nxt level
Devi Sri Prasad Its #Baahubali Day !! All d Best @ssrajamouli @RanaDaggubati ,Darling Prabhas & entire team for a Magificient Never Before BlockBuster!!
Radhika Sarathkumar Wishing #Bahubali a great success @ssrajamouli @RanaDaggubati @tamannaahspeaks going to rock Indian cinema
Gopichand Malineni #Bahubali.. It is a must watch movie ! Visual treat ! Hatsoff to rajamouli Garu,darling Prabhas done his best ..congrats to entire team !!
Sujeeth Salute to each and every technician Baahubali
Deva Katta

Watching bahubali in sriramulu.... adrenaline...adrenaline!!!

Bahubali in one word...: MASTERPIECE! In four words...: THIS DREAM IS REAL!

Allari Naresh Wishing the team of Bahubali a grand success....let's rock Indian cinema's boat! #Bahubali
Sneha Ullal #Bahubali madness begins..Goodluck to the whole cast and crew.God be with you.

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