Two Camcorder Arrested - Baahubali (Telugu, Tamil), James Bond Movies - Q Cinemas, Bangalore
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24 July 2015

With the help of Bangalore police & Anti Piracy Solutions (MAPS) enforcement agents have arrested two camcorders in Q- Cinemas, IPTL, Whitefields.

1. Vijay alias Sujay (Left)
2. Challa Pandi Ravi (Right)

These two notorious camcorders have recorded full James Bond Telugu movie released today in Q - Cinemas, Bangalore. We have hand overed to Police for further actions & investigations. We have submitted the evidence package & during investigation these two camcorders have confirmed that they have recently recorded Baahubali - telugu, Tamil versions released physical & online piracy on the same day.

Theater Details:
James Bond Movie,
10:10am show, 24-7-15,
Q- Cinemas, IPTL, white fields, Bangalore.
Gold Class Top Rows: Audi: 2
Ticket Price: 400/- each

Sony HD Camera,
Smart Phones - 4
External Battery

Mr. Ramesh, DCP Crime, Bangalore & his team is investigating for further actions.

These two camera mans are working for Notorious piracy Gangs i.e,

Marre Krishna Reddy, Bangalore
Rajendra Puvvadi, Bangalore
Ch. Venkatesh, Bangalore
Shekar Naidu, Anantapur
Purna Chandra, Guntur
Vasanth Kumar, Bangalore

These mentioned notorious pirates have recently arrested in June 1st, 2015 at
Bytarayanapura P.S, Bangalore in
Cr. No: 278/ 15 U/S 51(A), (B), 52(A), 65, 68(A),
Copyright Act 67 (A) IT Act & 120(B), 420, 292 IPC

Every movie will be recorded by these two persons and approx. they have recorded upto 300 Telugu, Tamil movies from past 2-3years duration and supplying material to Andhra, Telangana, Karnataka & Tamil Nadu states.

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