Balupu's B factor
B for Box Office – B for Balupu
Brahmanandma plays Crazy Mohan
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12 April 2013

The ‘B’ letter is the most powerful letter in the trade circles. B stands for Box office and B stands for Blockbuster. Brindavanam, Businessman and Baadshah are three blockbusters that start with letter B. All these three films have another connection. That is music by SS Thaman. SS Thaman is also composing music for another ‘B’ film – Balupu that is.

Another strong B factor for Box office is Brahmanandam. Brahmanandam’s comedy is one thing every filmmaker wants to have and every movie lover wants to see. Brahmanandam is doing another funny role called Crazy Mohan in Balupu. Balupu is banking heavily on entertainment.

Balupu has two other things going for it. That is heroines. Shruti Hassan and Anjali – both these girls are fresh from success of their blockbusters Gabbar Singh and SVSC respectively. Balupu is their immediate straight Telugu release after those blockbusters.

Balupu stars Ravi Teja, Shruti Hassan and Anjali in the main leads. Gopichand Malineni directs this movie. It’s the first direct Telugu project for the Telugu-based PVP group that has become a dominant player in South India in film production and film financing.

Balupu is all set to provide entertainment in this scorching summer.


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