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7 March 2014

No, this is not a casting call for the movie "Chandamama Kathalu. Shooting for this film is complete and the project is releasing on the 14th of March. Usually, it takes lot of convincing and lobbying to find and lock the right cast for a film. There has to be something to lure the actors. Whether it is money or a star hero's film or a lengthy role. When you have to cast nearly 50 actors in a two and half hour movie, you know it's a tough job. This is the Challenge the director Praveen Sattaru of Chandamama Kathalu faced during the pre-production of his latest film. He cannot offer good money because this is not a big budget film, neither this is a star hero's film and we all know that the film runs on 8 different plots based on which obviously he cannot offer lengthy roles to any of the actors. But, having seasoned actors for those roles was mandatory for Praveen Sattaru to pull off the script convincingly. How did he convince them?

We'll, Praveen says, he didn't have to sweat too much to convince everyone. There are two kinds of actors in the industry. Actors who are just happy with the fame and money they are getting and hence don't want to experiment and those who crave for certain peculiar roles which gives them a sense of satisfaction as an actor though the money is less. All Praveen did was identify those actors. Once they heard the script there was no second thought. This film stars an unusual casting. Lakshmi Manchu, Senior Naresh, Amani, Krishnudu, Kannada Kishore, Rishi, Prithvi Raj, Chaitanya Krishna, Abhijeeth, shourya, Richa Panai, Shamili, Esha Ranganathan, Vennela Kishore, Kondavalasa, inturi Vasu, Surekha Vani, Surya, Smigdha, Naveen neni and 50 more known actors are gearing up to entertain you soon. Stay tuned for this new age cinema.



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