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21 January 2014

Let me start my character introductions with the Super Model. I mean Lisa Smith….I mean Lakshmi Manchu. Don’t get confused or worried. Lakshmi Manchu is playing a Super Model named Lisa Smith in the film “Chandamama Kathalu”. Wait! Let me re-state that… Laxmi Manchu is playing an Ex-Super Model in the film.

Lisa Smith the Character…
Lisa Smith was a super model 10 years ago. She basked in the limelight for so long that she forgot Isaac Newton’s most famous theory, “what goes up must come down”. She has seen the highs and is unwilling to accept the fact that it’s over, her career. She was once a hot commodity for brands and has been an ambassador for almost all top brands. She even was the face of India in the fashion world. But, it’s all over. No brands, no more assignments and almost out of work. But, life isn’t that simple, right? When something goes wrong, have you ever wondered that it always seems like a chain reaction and everything else in life is also falling apart? Well, now that is life. Just when Lisa Smith’s carrier seems to have taken a downhill ride, her relationship falls apart pushing her in to a depression. Then comes the kicker, The Finances! Her empty bank account reflects the life style from all these years of being a celebrity and in the lime light.

Now, being kicked out of a live-in relationship and with no penny, what is she gonna do? Where she is gonna go? Will she realize soon enough to find a footing in the quick sand called Life? Or gets sucked in? Is there a bright side to life or is life always cruel in the pretext of teaching “life’s-lessons”?

Lakshmi Manchu the actor…
Sometimes, you write a character and then find your actor amongst the options you have… and sometimes, you develop a character for a particular actor but again it might fit other actors as well. But, very rarely does it happen that some characters shape up for only one actor and the character Lisa Smith is one such. This is “The-Tailor-Made” character for Lakshmi Manchu and anyone else would have been a compromise. Any other actor with a brain would have rejected playing this character straight out. But Lakshmi understood the potential, the emotional graph, the inner turmoil, and yet the outward glamour of the character. She lost weight, looked younger and top of all she became real and believable. For a film that relies on real characters, real emotions and real situations, Lakshmi Manchu was bang on… Watch Lisa Smith on screen and share your thoughts.

Dubbing of the film is complete. The project is in the final stage of editing. Trailer is set to release on the 31st of Jan.



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