Shiva Turlapati is the winner of DK Bose song contest
He spent 3700 USD from his pocket to shoot this professional video
hired American technicians and dances to do it
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About me:
I am Shiva Turlapati living in Atlanta, GA, a passionate dancer/choreographer who have been in this profession for 18 years. I worked as a Lead choreographer for Entertainment department in Ramoji Film City and choreographed huge dance ballets, shows/corporate events during my tenure. I worked as a background dancer in movies for couple of years. Then, I worked as an assistant choreographer under Srinu Master for few low budget films. First opportunity as a choreographer was given by Teja Sir for JAI movie to choreograph a typical dance piece which he liked very much at that time. Also, worked with Surya Kiran sir for Brahmastram movie .

I moved to USA 7 yrs ago due to personal reasons and started a dance school in Atlanta, GA “Shiv’s Institute of Dance” trying to keep my passion alive.

Inception of the video:
One of my students saw the post on and immediately texted me about the DK.BOSE contest and told me about my Julayi video being posted. Initially, I did not understand but when I visited the site I understood the concept of the contest! I was really happy to see my video as an example for the contest and contacted Jeevi garu to thank him for posting my video.

I wanted to make this video to best of my efforts and did not want to let go the opportunity as I felt this might give me a chance to showcase my dance direction/choreography. So, I was determined NOT to compromise on the technicians and equipment whatsoever.

Camera Dept:
I found my DOP (Director of Photography) through a website and we instantly connected well and after couple of meetings, he understood the concept I had in my mind and he was really excited about the project and gave his best to make it a successful one.

Using Multiple Camera’s:
The DOP has suggested an idea of using multiple camera’s instead of just one which I agreed even though it was an additional budget to what I thought because of the fact that I need to finish shooting this within 2 call sheets.

Hurdles :

My biggest hurdle number 1 - I wanted an abandoned warehouse or building, or an old big work shop so the DOP and I went around Atlanta suburbs where Indians won’t usually go. It was scary but we had to find one but to my surprise or good luck the vacant space next door to my dance studio was a perfect place given the circumstances. We decided to add some lighting which shot the budget little higher.

My biggest hurdle number 2 – The next major hurdle was background dancers…I wanted to have my students to be a part of the video but since it was final exams time, I couldn’t get anyone and had to opt for outside dancers… they were little expensive since it was at a very short notice.

I couldn’t find any dancers initially but fortunately at the last minute, I found a dance crew which were available and agreed to do it but there was not much room for negotiations.

Set Location:
I wanted the set to look more like a workshop and rugged so we had to add some materials like scaffolding and some mechanical equipment at the back. We also did a lot of graffiti on the walls to give it more “ghetto look”.

Concept and live effects:
Narratives part was easy to determine as the lines in the song are pretty much self-explanatory. As far as the “Live effects” part I wanted to have FIRE and WATER for sure in the song.

Cost of Production: Started off with $1500 ended up being $3700. Indian rupees 1,65,000 +or-

Equipment Used:
The cameras were 1 Canon 5d mk III and 2 Canon 5d mk IIs. We were using a Canon 24-70mm F/2.8 L II and a Canon 70-200mm F/2.8 L II. We also had a Canon 50mm F/1.4 USM and a Canon 85mm F/1.8 USM.

The lights we rented were a 2k fresnel and a 1k fresnel with 6 C-stands and 6 flags.

Here is the one Shiva Turlapati composed before the release of Julayi film


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