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14 August 2015

“Dying to be me” a short film made by Deva Katta and Smita with a social message on the occasion of India’s 69th Independence Day on 15th, August, 2015

A very happy Independence day to all.

It has been 69 years since India became independent and we owe it to all those statesmen who sacrificed for the freedom of our country. When they fought for the freedom, they fought for the whole humanity of the country, for its men as well as women. We say this because great leaders spoke of women’s independence centuries ago. Swami Vivekananda said “Women have to decide what they want, men are not to sit on judgement of what women must do or must not do. Hands off, Vivekananda said, let them decide for themselves”. Similarly Mahatma Gandhi felt that the goal of Independence and national reconstruction could not be achieved without the participation of women in every sphere of activity as no country can ever make progress if half of its people, the women remained socially and economically supressed”.

Since then a lot of discussion has happened in the country on women empowerment, their freedom and security. Though this could be achieved partially, there is a long way to go before it becomes a 100% reality. For it to become a reality, society’s mind-set and attitude towards its women must change. It can start with treating them as equal and independent citizens of the country having immense potential, intelligence, stamina and inner strength to do anything they want to do. Be it a home maker, a professional, an entrepreneur, an employee or just a spiritual seeker or a social worker.

If we go to the core of most problems that our women face, it revolves around their economic independence. The society, family and even children look at women in a certain way if they are economically independent. If not, most commonly heard line is, hey mom you don’t know anything. Her underlying potential and intelligence is so easily discarded by everyone.

“Dying to be me” is dedicated to the cause of women’s economic independence and a small effort to make our society think about its women and encourage and support them to realise their true potential.

- Deva Katta


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