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02 October 2015

Gunapam Movie is a full length feature film yet to release. The film motive and thread is on killing piracy in Film Industries.

The complete full length movie is coming soon. Here is the promotional video of Gunapam. Attached here is Gunapam 6min Promotional Video. Please promote this video in your respective websites, YouTube & all social media platforms.

Lets rise !! lets join our hands together and burn piracy !! lets save industry !! let us watch movies like kings not like thief's !!lets rise !!

Movie Casting Details:

Cast: Suman Shetty, Jenny, Hanuman, Akella, Swathi Naidu
Editing: Raju
Music: Ramu
D.O.P: Mahesh, P.C.Shekar
Producer: Shiva Bhavani Films & Hanuman
Written & Direction: Suresh Kalaga


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