Gunnam Gangaraju's wise words regarding Uday Kiran
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08 January 2014

Just thirty-three; and no more. What unbearable suffering compelled him to end his life we may never fully know. It shocks and depresses all sane people.For some, though, it’s apparently a godsend. They jump to fish in not just troubled, but agony-filled waters. They rant and file cases against the so-called ‘Big Four’ in the film industry. They have no qualms in firing at the people they hold a grudge against, be it over the shoulders of a dead body.

Life in films, as in other competitive fields, is not easy. No one can make your career long-lasting. Nor can anyone suppress it forever, however powerful he may be. Youngsters need to be encouraged to persevere against all odds; not told that someone else is responsible for their failure to reach a goal instantly. Sadly, some students commit suicide when they fail an exam. Blaming those who set a tough question paper is a self-defeating attitude. Those who foster this are the true enemies of the unfortunate youngsters they claim to support.

I can only wish that Uday Kiran’s family finds the strength to tide over this heart-breaking loss. And as for the ambulance-chasers who speak against injustice meted out to him; will even the most ardent prayers inject some sense and sensitivity into their heartless pursuit?


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