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12 April 2017

We at Telugu Association of South Florida(TASF, wish you a very auspicious Sri Hevalambi Nama Satvatsaram Ugadi!

Every year we welcome the dawn of Ugadi by preparing Ugadi Pachchadi - a mixture of various ingredients representing 6 principal tastes of food - Sweet, Salty, Sour, Tangy, Spicy and Bitter. This is to remind us that just like food, even life presents us days with different flavors and tastes. And every single taste has a very significant role to play in our lives.

We too at Telugu Association of South Florida(TASF, adopt the same principle when planning and arranging our Ugadi Festival.

1. Sweet - A very essential taste that gives us utmost pleasure such as our Local Talent Performances
2. Salty - an important taste which brings balance in our food such as our Well prepared special Ugadi cuisine
3. Sour - A significant taste that adds dimensions to the dish such as our recognition of our talented performers
4. Tangy - A unique taste that really stimulates us and builds our appetite to do more such as the unique and motivating contributions of our volunteers
5. Bitter - The taste that terrifies the tongue and yet some of the most bitter tasting are very healthy such as our competitions that promotes elegant performances.
6. And Spicy - The taste that sets our tongue on fire and stimulates our metabolism thereby setting us on a very active state such as our celebrity shows where we bring amazing well renowned artists from India for your pleasure!

Well, come on and join us for our celebrations on April 16th at 2.00 PM and participate in our Ugadi Shadruchulu - in food and in our event!

Thank You,
TASF Committee (

contact for more details Rao Bandarupalli

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