Is Naked an adult film? - an analysis
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29 June

RGV is known for creating exciting titles and campaigns for films though the final product fails to match the expectations in most of the cases. His latest film Naked is another attempt to cash in the craze created by the teasing posters of a Telugu girl Sweety (not her real name. She was a costume designer for a few telugu films before turning into bold actress).

There are three types of films that attract sex-starved men in India

1. Porn content: Indian government has banned porn. Hence users upload such content in banned poRn sites like xv***

2. Adult content: In this type of films produced and distributed digitally in india, they can show private parts and suggestive shots, but can’t show actual sexual act directly. Internet based apps like fli**, gup**** etc offer daily Indian adult videos of 30 minutes duration each on daily basis for a nominal monthly fee of ₹300/₹200.

3. Bold content: Films like Naked where there is suggestive nudity, but nothing is actually shown. Pricing films like these for ₹200 is not a good idea as target audience already have better and more fulfilling Indian content for a monthly rental of ₹300.

The lockdown imposed by coronavirus outbreak is getting phenomenal change in how audience lap the content up. We need to see how it will change in long term!










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