Two versions for Jaffa
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Vennela Kishore is a man of brimming ideas. He has come up with two versions of Jaffa. One is leaner (straight narration) and another one if non-linear (back and forth narration). By keeping the set of audiences in mind, the producer is releasing non-liner version in USA and linear version in India. For Vennela 1 ½ film, Vennela Kishore has come up with crazy publicity plans. This film is shot in shoestring budget in two locations (Bramhanandam’s own house and RFC). And the entire film is shot in 5D camera. Jaffa is releasing with premieres in USA on 28 March and releasing in India on 29 March. The first trailer featured on long back has got over 5 lac views and it resulted in immediate sale of the film.



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