Chaitanya Krishna's makeover for Kaalicharan
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Chaitanya - Chikna look to wild animalistic look

Chaitanya Krishna who won the talent hunt conducted by director Teja for a film has come a long way. He has done a few films like Sneha Geetam which haven't took him anywhere. It took the director Sri Prawin give him a role of Kaalicharan that needs complete changeover. He has grown beard and looked unglamorous to get the wild and raw look of protagonist. The trailers released recently have created sensation, but were banned due to socially sensitive content. Kaalicharan is all set to release soon.

Chaitanya Krishna expresses his homework for the role in Kaalicharan
"I had to sit idle in the home for 10 months growing hair and beard ,and in the process had to reject 7 films. there were days the director used to cal me to office just to check my hair, that perfection to details was troubling ,but wen i saw the film ,it just vanished into thin air".

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