Kurnool NRI Foundation donated 10 lakhs.
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23 July

Kurnool NRI Foundation presented the check of 10 Lakh rupees to Bala Bharathi school which will provide adequate financial support to 100 qualified and motivated orphan/semi-orphan students to pursue primary/secondary education at the Bala Bharathi School, ORVAKAL in Kurnool district. Panyam MLA Sri Katasani Rambhupal Reddy, Kurnool Foundation Local Coordinator Muppa Raja Sekhar and Bala Bharathi School Coordinator Vijaya Bhararhi attended the event.

Ravi Potluri, Founder of the Kurnool NRI Foundation thanked all the donors supporting this initiative and explained this long-term program will support the students until they are able to successfully complete and obtain their high-school diplomas by spending 50 lakh rupees in next 5 years. He also thanked TANA foundation for the support. Balabharathi school built by more than 10,000 women laborers from 27 villages of the Orvakal Mandal, women pooled money they had saved for two decades under the Podupu Lakshmi scheme (thrift movement) and worked in turns to do the construction work.







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