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3 August 2018

Coming just a week after the global phenomenon Mission Impossible, Adivi Sesh's spy thriller probably made at 1/100th the budget of M.I hits the ball out of the park. After an uninspiring first half trapped in a proven commercial format with all the beats of a spy thriller , Goodachari rises like a phoenix in the second half and closes with an extraordinary sequence reminding us of stunnuing Don 2 ending and promising us the beginning of a new spy franchise in telugu.

Goodachari personally came across to me as two different films with the first half designed to woo the larger audiences where as the second half transforms absolutely into an edge of the seat thriller with amazing action episodes, less dialogue and takes the subtle patriotic route even though the film had it's moments to become a jingoistic film.

Goodachari initially suffers from an underdeveloped hero characterization whose struggles in becoming a spy are half baked. The training episodes have the right notes written but they turn pale in execution. I couldn't stop comparing the training episodes to Raazi where the transformation episodes were more organic and were vital to the later part of the movie. Goodachari lacks direction till the interval point and it's only then that the hero gets a goal in the movie. Humor was sprinkled in the first half with presence of Vennela kishore but it doesn't help the proceedings. The entire Kingsman episode appeared more like plagiarism rather than a homage.

Absolutely losing hope that Sesh would deliver another Kshanam , I watched the second half with lesser expectations and I was absolutely shocked by the sheer brilliance of writing. The twists, the connections to the first half made me feel guilty about myself for not liking the first half enough.

In terms of performances, Sesh had the intensity and integrity of a spy who wants to fight for his country. Shobita was apt for her role. It's very hard not to suspect prakash raj as the villain especially after his body of work but he delivered an honest performance in this film. Supriya makes a grand comeback. Madhu Shalini, Vennela Kishore and the guy who played Rana did justification to their roles.

Since this movie was made with a limited budget I can't complain much about the production design but I felt it could have been even better to give more authenticity to the Trinetra office episodes. The gadgets and the settings reminds us of PSV Garuda Vega. Editing is choppy in first half but surprisingly the second half contains some elaborate sequences with some really slick action episodes. Music and cinematography were good but I really expect more from the sequels. Direction was weak in the first half especially resorting to early expositions, not taking enough care in the world building of hero's adult life before becoming a spy. I know I am repeating multiple times but the direction in second half was more mature and it's commendable that the director did not fall for the patriotic trappinsg and making this another jingoistic exercise.

PS: I have always felt there is nothing more sexier than Mahesh babu holding a revolver but after watching Sesh I feel that if Mahesh is Sachin in holding the gun then Sesh is Ganguly in holding the gun. Jokes apart, go watch Goodachari - our own spy hero who will come back definitely with a sequel named Gopi 116.

Written by Santosh Eppalapally

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