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04 March 2015

I haven’t written my review of NTR movie since Yamadonga. Although Adurs and Brundavanam are decent flicks, none of recent NTR movies captured NTR’s capabilities until Temper. First of all, Censer Board needs to pay a visit to LV Prasad Hospital rather than Prasad Labs. Not sure how anyone would rate Temper movie as U/A.

Temper is an action packed all out entertainer, brilliant story inspired by recent heinous crime against women in India. I must also say Temper is the movie I liked Puri directed movies since Pokiri. Puri brilliantly extracted best shades of NTR as an actor. Every actor has one movie which elevates his/her skills. We can say Temper movie truly elevated NTR’s acting skills. Just like Khaidi did to Chiranjeevi, Gabbar Singh did to Pawan Kalyan, Vikramarkudu did to Raviteja etc.

NTR is a gifted actor, sadly he didn’t get many chances to unleash his true potential. Temper pretty much has all crafts of Film Making, Vamsi came up with a good story and Puri write dialogues/monologues well. NTR’s incredible voice and his mannerism gave life to Puri’s punch dialogues. Only thing slightly negative was Kajal, she didn’t appear to have her usual charm and glamour. In some ways, it accentuated NTR’s presence so that audience are not deviated by heroine’s glamour quotient. Anup Rubens music is OK, nothing to write home about though. I read couple of reviews mentioned, this movie lacked comedy track. Honestly, no one would miss lack of separate comedy track. NTR, JP, Posani and Prakashraj have engrained comedy in their characters, this movie is an all-out entertainer with NTR’s voice and action. We should also commend NTR for toning his body to fit the role!!

Using elements of Nirbhaya’s incident truly the highlight of the story with brilliant ending and screenplay. Hope NTR will to continue to entertain Telugu film audience with his incredible acting skills and hope he gets greats scripts and brilliant technicians to support him.

- Srini Chittaluru


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