Nannaku Prematho is milking dollars in USA
a gamble that paid off exceptionally well
collects 1.35 million dollars by Saturday (16 Jan)
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17 January 2015

Nannaku Prematho is released in USA with premieres on the night of 12 January 2016, which happened to be Tuesday. It’s a wrong day to release a film because it has to sustain the interest of Telugu movie lovers for 3 days to get to weekend. It’s a pretty risky proposition if the film generates a disaster talk. Moreover, three other Telugu films were releasing in the next two days. And there was always a possibility of any other film generating better talk and thereby taking away revenues.

There was a hope on this film as Sukumar’s last film and Mahesh starrer 1 Nenokkadine has collected over 1 million dollars despite of having a bad talk in India (no comedy entertainment). NTR’s last film Temper has collected 1 million dollars despite having violent content (no comedy entertainment). The combination of NTR and Sukumar had the potential to pull the movie lovers to theaters.

USA distribution agency ‘CineGalaxy’ has planned premieres in 160 locations. Due to bad planning by producer, Nannaku Prematho was only premiered in around 60 theaters and collected around $346,056. This number would have been more than double if all prints were reached in time. Nannaku Prematho had a sustained run during weekdays by collecting $233,743 and $127,000 on Wednesday and Thursday. It had a promising weekend numbers of $264,000 and $385,000 on Friday and Saturday respectively. Nannaku Prematho has collected $1,348,995 by Saturday. It’s expected to cross $1.5 million mark by 1st weekend. With Martin Luther King day falling on Monday and with no other major Telugu release happening in the next week, there is a possibility that Nannaku Prematho might touch $2 million dollar mark.

Nannaku Prematho happens to be the 3rd NTR’s film that crossed 1 million dollar gross in USA after Baadshah and Temper. This is also the 3rd film for the distribution company CineGalaxy that crossed millions dollars after Manam and Bhale Bhale Magadivoy.

NTR and Sukumar have decided not to compromise on what they went on to make while making Nannaku Prematho film. The entire story takes place in London and bit of it in Spain. There are many English dialogues in the film. The psychology play and schemes between NTR and Jagapathi Babu are sophisticated. NTR look is completely different. Looks like their efforts are paying off in a big way going by the way the film is collecting in USA.

We have to wait and see where ball stops rolling for Nannaku Prematho in USA. It’s a gamble that paid off exceptionally well in USA!


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