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No monopoly/nepotism in film exhibition

23 January 2013

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There has been complaints that Sankranthi films - Naayak and SVSC have occupied majority theaters by taking out small films like Yamudiki Mogudu and Genius. Speaking at a press meet, Telangana film chamber’s president Vijender Reddy said, “There are agreements between the distributor/producer and exhibitor for all the films released. The decision will always be taken in accordance with the agreement. The producers of small films are accusing us of monopoly in press, but they are not coming to chamber to lodge complaint. It takes at least Rs 20,000 and Rs 11,000 for a movie to make per day in order to avoid deficit in places like Hyderabad and Miryalaguda respectively. Exhibitor will have the right to take out films if they are in deficit as per the agreement (otherwise, the distributor/producer/mediator) will have to pay the deficit amount. The exhibitors of normal cinema halls give advances to distributor for films. In case of multiplexes, there are no advances. The collections/share of distributor will be given 4 weeks after the release in multiplexes. Hence it is unfair for certain producers to speak in press without lodging a complaint in film chamber.”



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