Power Star Pawan Kalyan at A Aa sets
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21 April 2016

A Surprising Visit
Power Star Pawan Kalyan surprised the Unit of 'A...Aa', which's being directed by his close friend Trivikram on Tuesday (ie. 20th April) night. The unit including director Trivikram, hero Nithin, who is a hard core fan of Pawan Kalyan and the producer Suryadevara Radhakrishna, a pal of Pawan, all were surprised by Pawan' s visiting and all they pleased a lot. At present a song has been canned on Hero Nithin and others in a special set,erected for the song in Jubilee Hills. Pawan appeared to the set with his common man's look in white and white shirt and lungi. The star spent a couple of hours with unit and made them feel happy.

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