PVP Cinema acquires the Remake rights of Tamil hit movie Soodhu Kavvum
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18 July 2013

Soodhu Kavvum opened to very positive reviews and turned out to be one of the biggest Sleeper hits in Tamil for the year 2013. For those of us yearning for a Quentin Tarantino or a Guy Ritchie type of film in India, Soodhu Kavvum proves that we have enough talent to showcase and do something different within the constraints of commercial cinema. One of South India's leading media and entertainment house, PVP Cinema has time and again re-iterated its commitment to quality cinema that provides whole some entertainment for the entire family. By picking up this different subject with a refreshing approach to film making, PVP Cinema has once again demonstrated its ability to traverse the paths of both big budget blockbusters and small budget entertainers. Let us wait and watch for the cast and crew announcements.

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