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Abhishek as Naresh
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17 November 2015


Introducing NARESH character

“Yee Nareshgaaduokkadu… veediki Ooranta friends ye..”

Yes, we all have a friend like that…Don’t we ?!!

For him, every one is a best friend.

Keeping every one happy is always his goal.

He will never support one friend over the other.

He will never tell the other friend about you and vice versa.

But can we really be like that?

One day, in the story of “Thanu Nenu” ,Naresh also reaches the point where he realizes about friendship…

Introducing Abhishek Maharishi as Naresh, the “best friend of best friends”!!!

Abhishek is an accomplished photographer and runs his own graphic design company. He is also a part time actor who follows a completely natural approach to acting. He is a extrovert and very friendly by nature.

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