Rana’s strong reply to Vikram
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National award winning actor Vikram seems to have rubbed Telugu film actor Rana Daggubati in a wrong way. The reason for it seems to be Vikram quoting Rana in a wrong way in a few media interactions. Disturbed by these comments, Rana had tweeted very frankly as a response to Vikram. Here are the tweets -

“Dear Mr.Vikram I see you quote me and my directions in quite a few media interactions of yours recently. It is best if you focus on your career that isn't headed in the right direction with close to 10 odd disasters in your kitty I'm barely 2 1/2yrs old as an actor and you are almost close to 25yrs. Stay put on urs as I am on mine ;) not take anything away still a huge fan of few of your films ;)”

Here is what enraged Rana Daggubati to give a stern twitter statement to Vikram. Q & A of Vikram for a national newspaper

South stars have never made it big in Bollywood, except for Kamal Haasan, as compared to the female stars. Why aren’t their male counterparts branching out of the south film industries?

Kamal Haasan had Ek Duuje Ke Liye (1981), which was the biggest hit that year. Then he had Saagar (1985). After that he hasn’t done anything. It’s not easy to leave your business down south. You get paid a lot in the south. Here you have to start from scratch. For girls it’s different as they do their PR well. Look at Rana Daggubati. He started in the Telugu industry and came to Bollywood but he hadn’t made any headway in the south. Now he’s not bothered about the Telugu industry. To work in Bollywood, I have to leave everything and come here. I am doing a film for Shankar, which is being made at R145 cr and I can’t just leave that.


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