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31 March 2018


Nagarjuna Take a bow #RamCharan💐you were incredible in #Rangasthalam,you just lived the role and ofcourse dear @Samanthaprabhu2 so very proud of you💐💐💐@aryasukku what a beautiful film you made🙏took us back to our roots @MythriOfficial a big congratulations 👍👍👍👍👍

There are many things that are good about #Rangasthalam. But the characterisation Sukumar written for Chittibabu and the way Charan portrayed it eclipses them all.
Each and every nuance of his acting was a treat to watch. SUPERB ! WELL DONE !!

The only person who could stand his ground to Charan, to an extent was JB.
His slow drawling dialogue and performance was really menacing. Congratulations to Mythri, Sukku and Team Rangasthalam for the terrific box office performance as well..

Mahesh Babu

Rangasthalam... raw, rustic and intense... @aryasukku you are truly a master of the art. @ThisisDSP you are a Rockstar for all the right reasons. @RathnaveluDop as always brilliant 👍

[email protected] as producers have excelled once more :) Ram Charan & @Samanthaprabhu2 this surely is your career-best performance.Congratulations to the whole team 👍Thoroughly enjoyed it :)

NTR Just saw #Rangasthalam. Hats off to you Charan. You truly deserve all the applause and accolades that you are getting. Take one from me too,No one could have done it better #Respect
Kudos to director Sukumar Garu for his gutsy and brilliant direction. Takes courage to stay true to the vision of making a raw and rustic emotional period drama. Hats off to you sir
Congratulations to @Samanthaprabhu2 , @ThisIsDSP , @MythriOfficial and each and everyone in the team of #Rangasthalam. The movie wouldn’t be what it is if not for your excellence. You have all done a brilliant job.
Ram Gopal Varma #Rangasthalam is truly a centre stage bullet achievement..Ramcharan is mindblowingly fantastic ..and hey @aryasukku Here’s my 3 🙏🙏🙏 to you and also my 3 😘😘😘 to u💐💐
Nani #Rangasthalam Adhiripoyindhi.. Idhey maata gattiga arichi cheppandi.. Chitti Babu ki vinapadali.. Sukumar sir..I am a fan!
Vijay Devarakonda

rAngAsthAlAm - bloody A!

Performances A, Direction A, Camera A, Music A, Production A.

Charan 👏 Sam ☺ Sukku sir 😘 Mythri 👍🏼 Dsp 🤘🏼 Ratnavelu 👌

Gopichand Maineni #Rangasthalam Ramcharan as Chitti Babu chinchesadu ..he steels the show 🙏 👌👌@aryasukku brilliant execution 👏👏 @Samanthaprabhu2 done fab @anusuyakhasba superb @ThisIsDSP songs n BGM are life to this film ..big congrats to entire team 👍👍Aadhi

Really overwhelmed with the response #Rangasthalam is receiving.Cannot thank u all enough for the love being showered on the movie & my character🙏so proud to b a small part of such a heartwarming & honest movie👍😊 absolutely loved #RamCharan & @Samanthaprabhu2's performances👌

Navdeep Hats off charan and sukku! Fantastic performances by every actor :) special regards to Sam :) loved every bit of #rangasthalam :)
Manchu Lakshmi

#rangasthalam what an amazing cinematic experience. I fell in love, cried, got angry, made me think... @Samanthaprabhu2 stunning #ramcharan stole the show, @AadhiOfficial brilliant #sukkumar Garu thank you. We needed this film at this time. GO see in theatres.


THANKYOU is such a small word for d kind of SUCCESS you all gave to #RANGASTHALAM ! Lov U all ! Huge Thaanx 2 Dear @aryasukku 4 makin all of us a part of this AmazingFilm! @RathnaveluDop @boselyricist @MythriOfficial @Samanthaprabhu2 @hegdepooja @anusuyakhasba #RamCharan ❤️🙏🏻


#Rangasthalam - @aryasukku ‘s Brilliance - @ThisIsDSP ‘s Passion - @RathnaveluDop ‘s Experience - @AadhiOfficial & @anusuyakhasba ‘s Perfect portrayal - @Samanthaprabhu2 ‘s Magic - Charans Show! Congratulations to @MythriOfficial & team! #love -R.A.P.O

Niharika konidela

Charan Anna’s performance was impeccable! Anger, love, joy,sorrow, comedy, innocence..Dance! there is nothing he cannot do!
Ma Anna majaakaaaaa!! 😘😘
Congratulations to the entire team! @MythriOfficial Vinabaduthundaaaaa?? 📢 Adhirindi mee #Rangasthalam #RamCharan

Vennela Kishore

Rangasthalam is TERRIFICCCCC and lets make way for our CHITTI BABU garu🙏🏼🙏🏼..all set to live in our hearts ever n forever..solid adrenaline rush looking at our mega power star in every frame..take a bow sir🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼..

RR by DSP garu wil be the emblem of rangasthalam 🙏🏼..especially that bgm given for jaggu sir..Shabbaaa🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Aadhi garu makes kumar babu live forever🙏🏼🙏🏼🤗🤗

Final ga Sukumar sirrrrr...meeru devudu saar 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 anthe
And our more role to be proud of after KSHANAM..keep on rocking @anusuyakhasba
neeku thirugu ledu..thodu ku perugu ledu(edo prasa kosam😝)

Allu Sirish

Ranga.. Rangaa.. Rangasthalanaaaaa!!! Hearing super duper reports for #Rangasthalam, especially abt our RC man. Going for the night show! Yayyyy!!!

Raashi Khanna #rangasthalam mind - blown!
Ram Charan stole the show! @Samanthaprabhu2 is adorable.. And Sukumar is a director par excellence! The entire cast did a fabulous job. Congratulations to the team!🙏🏻🙏🏻
Sai Dharam Tej చిట్టిబాబుగారు సౌండ్ ఇంజినీర్ అయినా ఆయన విజయం మాత్రం అందరికీ స్పష్టంగా, గట్టిగా వినబడబోతుంది. All the best Charan for #Rangasthalam and thanks for inspiring us to try subjects like #Rangasthalam
Varun Tej

చిట్టిబాబు గా రామ్ చరణ్ నటవిశ్వ రూపం


#Rangammattha 😍😍😍👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍👍 u never gave a chance to let ur fans down even once #RangasthalamDay @anusuyakhasba all we can do is getting flattered again .

Sampat Nandi

#RangasthalamDay What a film! STELLAR! This performance by #RamCharan garu will be remembered for a long long time. Monumental work by #Sukumar garu. Hearty congrats team #Rangasthalam💐


My best wishes to #Charan and entire team of #Rangasthalam

Nikhil Siddharth Congratulations SUKUMAR sir and RAM CHARAN bro for RANGASTHALAM... Fantastic of Mythri movies to Back such A movie with total faith.. @aryasukku @MythriOfficial
Bomma Kummesindi Antaga,
ChittiBabu inka lachimi @Samanthaprabhu2 ni suddaniki sayantram Talkies ki yeltunna mari 🤗

Back in India...and the first thing I did!! Watched the amazing #RamCharan at his best in #Rangasthalam. #ChittiBabu

Lovely film with terrific detail and production design...Sukku really took us back in time, and some phenomenal performances by #RamCharan @Samanthaprabhu2 #Aadi @IamJagguBhai #Rangasthalam

Bobby Rangasthalam.#Ramcharan show all the way, along with hilarious tracks of @Samanthaprabhu2 A big shoutout to director #Sukumar garu for recreating nostalgic 1980s n @MythriOfficial for such fab production values.congrats to my dear friends @ThisIsDSP for continuous blockbusters.
Happiest birthday to the most humble and simple superstar Ram Charan garu. Hope you have a super positive year ahead. Wishing you all the best for your future releases. God bless.
Gopi Mohan Special Mention:After coming out of #Rangastalam theatres we will remember Rangammatha @anusuyakhasba She is perfect for that [email protected] as President is awesome.#Jigelurani @hegdepooja song is big [email protected] wrote wonderful lyrics.Excellent Production & Art work
#RangaSthalam film showcased #RamCharanTej ‘s acting talent to the peaks.His performance as Chittibabu is Top Notch.Dir @aryasukku did a great job in enacting performances & emotions from all his characters.
My appreciation to his hardwork in delivering such a creative product.
Samantha Thankyou for the wonderful response . #Rangasthalam is everything we hoped it would be 💃💃💃 thanks to you @aryasukku @MythriOfficial #RamCharan @AadhiOfficial @anusuyakhasba @RathnaveluDop @ThisIsDSP
Sundeep Kishan Loved loved loved #Rangasthalam Such a brilliant & inspiring performance by Charan..Collar egarese moment for every Sukumar fan like me 😎
Manchu Manoj #Rangasthalam wins hearts like never before!❤❤ What a treat to see my friends #RamCharan and @AadhiOfficial break the routines right with their performances as #Chittibabu and #KumarBabu!😍😍 Congratulations to my brothers and the solid team🙏🏼🙏🏼❤❤
#Ramalakshmi alias @Samanthaprabhu2 next levellll ❤❤ Wonderful actors have made their mark with their classic performances.❤❤Can’t stop praising the entire cast and crew😍😍 #Rangasthalam fan forever❤ Congratulations team!👏👏
Rakul Preet Singh There r some films u like n then there is #Rangasthalam that ur in awe of!lovedd it!Thanku @aryasukku sir for transporting us into d world of rangalstanam!falling short of words to express how amazing #ChittiBabu n #Ramalakshmi were!What a lovely experience❤️ @Samanthaprabhu2
Raj Tarun Finally watched #Rangasthalam last night!!! Brilliant film!!! Charan steals the show!!! Hats off to Sukumar Garu, @ThisIsDSP , @RathnaveluDop Garu and the whole team!! Thanks a lot for giving us such an amazing film!!! 🙏


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