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14 August 2017

I always believed that Rana had the greatest screen presence I ever saw in my life and I sincierely thought he was not getting his due only because of the jealous and prejudiced view of people who were thinking he is not a pedigreed son of a big star but just an ordinary son of a money bag studio owner called Suresh

And I also always believed that Teja had the greatest talent among all my assistants and just one of the many proofs of my belief is that Teja made a super blockbuster hit Jayam with a nobody from the street called Nitin

Today Rana is already up there as an already existing volcano and where I failed in Department and various others failed in other films I am so thrilled it took the great Teja to push Rana to a bigger upper limit and for this I am so happy and so proud about both of them ..So on this ocassion of the super duper success of NRNM I congratulate both Rana and Teja and am shouting millions and millions of cheers to them 👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏

Apart from the collections and the various degrees of reviews of all 3 films Lie JJN and NRNM,unanimously the only actor who is being talked about is Rana which is a super testimony of Teja's directorial ability which he ably demonstrated even on a rank newcomer from the street in Jayam ..Teja by far is the ablest director in extracting performances and him getting Rana the ultimate in screen presence is just double dhamaka 👍👍👍

Entire two telugu states are only talking about Rana and they seemed to have even forgotten the names of the lead actors of the other two films which released along with NRNM

Rana always had his looks and his Bahubalian personality but in NRNM it is his acting what the whole audience is celebrating and what can be a greater combination than Greek god looks and a super duper performing ability ..A girl msgd me saying Rana in NRNM neither Lie's nor Jai's ..He just Magics


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