Ram Gopal Varma praises Pawan Kalyan
He wants Pawan Kalyan to start a political outfit
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05 August 2013

Ram Gopal Varma goes all out on twitter if he is impressed with somebody. There could be some selfish motives behind all the praises he dole out. After praising Chiranjeevi for pitching his ‘Dora’ script, Ram Gopal Varma came up with an exceptional praise for Pawan Kalyan which indirectly targets Chiranjeevi as well.

Here are the tweets he posted for Dora project on 9 January 2011
“I am so dying for chiranjeevi gaarus 150th film to start..can some one tell me why it is not starting?

I know that he will never do a film with me for various reasons between us but I so sincireley wish that I can do 'Dora' the lord with him”

He tweeted about Pawan Kalyan today (5 August 2013)
“I really hope Pawan Kalyan will start his own party..he will be the most dynamic among all actor turned leaders right from Mgr to Chiranjeevi;;

I never voted in my life. ..but I will stand in line and vote for Pawan Kalyan

Its not that Pawan Kalyan needs my vote...from whatever information I have from various people entire Andhra Pradesh is waiting to vote for him

Not since Bal Thackeray did I see such intensity and charisma... commitment in his eyes and honesty in thoughts is what makes Pawan Kalyan

I strongly believe that if Pawan Kalyan headed PRP it would have won with a thumping majority

Nenu kalyan tho cinema cheyyadaniki aa tweets anukunte nenu kalyan ni kalisi 5 samvastharalayindhi..kalise vuddheshyam kuda ledu

Oka director ga kaadhu kevalam andhra pradesh pouruduga pettina tweets avi

Nenichhina tweets chiranjeevigaariki againstgaa kaadhu Pawan Kalyan ki for gaa

Forgetting the technicalities nd associated logistics I believe that only Pawan Kalyan is the future of Andhra Pradesh

If just sharmilas walk can evoke so many followers Imagine what pawan kalyans walk can will create historical history

Just let Pawan Kalyan announce paada yatra nd every Paadayatra ever in history will be forgotten

With the response to Pawan Kalyans Paadayatra my prediction is that it will remind people of Mahatma Gandhis Paadayatra

Pawan Kalyan haa expressions whereas even his closest only have impressions

If Pawan kalyan was not Chiranjeevis brother he would have become a even bigger star”

We all know that RGV is very good at tweeting and he doesn’t tweet anything just like that unless it benefits him. We have to wait and see what's brewing in RGV’s mind!

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