RGV to file a case against censor officer
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9 November 2013

His films may bite the dust, but RGV is never a man to be ignored by the media. In a latest press release, RGV has threatened censor board officer Dhana Lakshmi with a criminal case. In a press release sent to the media RGV said, "I am filing a criminal case on censor officer Dhana Lakshmi on monday in nampally criminal court with regards to Satya 2 release for causing harassment,financial loss ,over stepping her authority and using abusive language -Ram goal karma"

It may be learnt that Satya 2 Telugu version was dogged by censor problems and the film was not cleared until late night before the day of release. It's not new for RGV to file criminal cases. In the past too he filed a case on TV9 for a program which ridiculed him. But it was later settled amicable.

We have to wait and watch if his press release is meant to create publicity for Satya 2 or he really meant it. Only time will tell


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