R Narayana Murthy’s Nirbhaya Bharatam
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30 April 2013

R Narayana Murthy is currently producing and directing a film titled Nirbhaya Bharatam. This film deals with the rapes and atrocities of women. R Narayana Murthy plays the role of peon in a college whose daughter goes to Delhi for civil exams and gets raped over there. He is covering all such incidents in Nirbhaya Bharatham. He has recently shot this film extensively in Karim Nagar and Godavari Khani. Narayana Murthy says that this film fights against the atrocities against women and demands severe punishments to the culprits. He also advocate severe punishment to rapists who are minors saying that ‘Ganjayi mokka chinnadaina cheddade’.



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