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07 October -2020

Sonu Sood is helping 3 Tollywood managers for heart surgeries of their little kids. These surgeries are happening in Mumbai in SRCC Hospitals.

Sonu Sood has promised to help a father get his seriously-ill infant operated at a private hospital in Mumbai. One MV Subbarao, who identified himself as a manager in the Telugu film industry, made an appeal to the 'Arundhati' actor by tagging him on Twitter. My son is having a heart problem. Doctors said that surgery should be done. I don't have money for surgery. Please help me, sir. Save my child. Please sir please (sic), he wrote.

In response, the 'Dookudu' actor promised to sponsor the kid's surgery. Job done. Wednesday is your child’s check-up. Thursday you will get the child admitted to the SRCC hospital, Mumbai, for surgery. God bless, he wrote on Twitter.

Earlier, on Sunday, the multi-lingual actor urged schools to facilitate the education of poor kids for this year even their parents are unable to pay the school fee. If banks can give moratorium extensions for EMIs, I am sure educational institutions can give that to students too. Kindly don’t stop them from online classes and exams. It’s heartbreaking for parents to see their kids suffer. Give them a few months to bounce back. Save their future, Sonu Sood said.










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