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10 October 2014

The designs given below clearly indicate the story line of "Sridevi" which is about a teen's infatuation towards an older woman...what never ceases to amaze me is the power of a photographic image..these images are testimony to the fact that one still picture can tell so much about a subject matter giving credence to the phrase "A picture can tell a thousand words"

"Sridevi" produced by Cosmic pictures and directed by Kiran Prasad is about a 15 year old boy's infatuation towards a 25 year old woman.. ..The woman is just a simple house wife married to a businessman and the boy is a neighbours son ...the age of the boy is such that he is just sexually awakening and the film is about how he gets affected due to his exposure to pornography and various such other things present in today's culture and also about how he is influenced by such things as glamorous heroines and also due to advertisers using sex to sell their various products ...the woman who is playing the title role is a first time actress named Anukriti Sharma


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