Nikhil tonsured his head for Swamy Ra Ra – Sudheer Varma
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I knew Nikhil from the days before he acted in Happy Days. We share a very good friendship band. I have seen his success and failures. I know how he takes it. I want to have a new and sophisticated look for Nikhil in Swamy Ra Ra. I asked him to tonsure his head. He went to Tirupati and did it. I kept on observing him as his hair grew. At one point of time, I did a photo session with three hair dos for Nikhil and fixed on the one you see on screen.

I have also told Nikhil to look sophisticated in terms of body language. He wears goggles most of the times and keeps a gentle bodylanguage despite of being a petty thief. I asked him to look at the actors in European cinema and wanted him to show the same level of sophistication in his body language and looks. Since Nikhil is my friend, he blindly trusted me and followed my instructions.

Now, Nikhil has become the surprise package of Swamy Ra Ra. All the credit goes to his willingness to trust the director!

Watch out for the complete interview of Sudheer Varma combined with the postmortem of Swamy Rara film in soon!!

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