Director Teja about Chiranjeevi voting incident
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1 May 2014

Director Teja who has witnessed the entire episode at voting booth yesterday has shared his account of information with Here is what Teja says about the incident

“I was there at the same polling booth where Chiranjeevi has voted. The guy who obstructed Chiranjeevi was standing ahead in the same line. Chiranjeevi came to polling booth along with his family and stood in the queue. It was the other people in queue and the media who has requested Chiranjeevi to go ahead and vote. When Chiranjeevi along with his family moved from the queue and a NRI guy has questioned Chiranjeevi. Chiranjeevi has amicably answered the NRI and came back and stood in the queue. The queue also consisted on many VIPs and politicians. But Chiranjeevi has gone ahead only because others requested him to do so and returned to queue after somebody objected to it. Media has shown the entire episode in magnifying glass and tried to show Chiranjeevi as villain which is not!”

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