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14 May 2018



. @KeerthyOfficial’s potrayal of Savitri garu is one of the finest performances I've ever seen. It is not just imitating. She brought the legendry actress back to life. @dulQuer is absolutely fantastic. I am his fan now.

Congratulations Nag Ashwin and Swapna. Your belief, persistence and determination are remarkable. #Mahanati


What an incredible movie!! Truly blown away by #Mahanati

@KeerthyOfficial just lived the role, Stunning performance 👏👏

My Compliments to outstanding direction by Nag Ashwin, Swapna and terrific performances by @Samanthaprabhu2 @dulQuer @TheDeverakonda @chay_akkineni


Hearing great reviews about #Mahanati. Very happy for both My Dears from our extended family @KeerthyOfficial & @dulQuer. Will watch the movie soon!!


@KeerthyOfficial you were brilliant along with @dulQuer in #Mahanati / @SwapnaCinema Vyjayanthi movies & ashwin nag take a bow you have put telugu cinema on a pedestal!! @Samanthaprabhu2 ❤️my eyes are filled with tears of pride!! #mahanati what a tribute to Savithramma👏👏👏💐

Am today a proud father and a jealous son. I never played my father legendary #ANR Garu. But, I am overwhelmed and very happy to present to you all, Chay as ANR in #Mahanati #ANRliveson 👉


#Mahanati is an experience!! No words to describe the performance given by @KeerthyOfficial as Mahanati. బహుశా సావిత్రి గారే ఆమె తో అలా చేయించారేమో .Nag Ashwin. Take a bow,for crafting the greatest tribute to our finest actress!

Thank you Swapna,Priyanka & Dutt garu for bringing this film to life. Excellent performances from @dulQuer, @Samanthaprabhu2 , @TheDeverakonda &the entire cast & crew. Brilliant music from Mickey. Congratulations team #Mahanati. You deserve all the acclaim that you’re getting

Krish There's emotional intensity n then there's @KeerthyOfficial in #Mahanati -Hats off for d seamless transformation from a Playful Young Theatre Kid to a Super Star in d glitter world to a Tragic Soul. This is without a doubt the single best acting performance I have ever seen.
అమ్మాయి నుంచి అమ్మాడిగా, అమ్మాడి నుంచి అమ్మగా ఎంత అద్భుతంగా అభినయించావు.
నువ్వు నిజంగా మహానటివి.. మొండిఘటానివి...
Allu Arjun Lovely Gesture by my Father to Host a Party for his Friend & Partner Ashwini Dutt Garu in the success of MAHANATI . Hats off to the Entire team and the captain Nag Ashwin
Sai Dharam Tej

Congratulations to @SwapnaCinema & @VyjayanthiFilms for producing #Mahanatisavithri Garu’s last film and @nagashwin7 for directing the dashing lady’s last film #mahanati @KeerthyOfficial are you really keerthy or Savithri Garu ? @Samanthaprabhu2 I still love #Jessie ❤️

Rashmika Mandanna I watched #mahanati two days back and damn! What a film man.. what performances!what narration!what visuals!what music! I am so proud that I could watch something like this in my life time🙌🏻
@KeerthyOfficial @Samanthaprabhu2 @TheDeverakonda
Thankyou all so much🙌🏻

Entha bagundhantey ...
Entha bagundho cheppalenantha.
@KeerthyOfficial only person who can play this role better than you is Savithri gaaru :)
#Nagi super proud of you
Swapna,Priyanka,Dulquer,sam,vijay, Dani,MickeyJ and to the entire team .. Thank you 🤗

Vijay Devarakonda Watched #Mahanati Last night. What a life Savitri Garu had. And To Nag Ashwin and the team - take a bow. @KeerthyOfficial vere level killing - @Samanthaprabhu2 & @dulQuer super proud of your choices and my admiration! Cinema super hit - super hit kante oka super experience.
Anupama Parameswaran

#mahanati what a wonderful movie.really amused and inspired by your performance @KeerthyOfficial ♥️u vr magical onscreen.. couldn’t take my eyes off you😻 @dulQuer u killed it as always👏🏻 both of u lived the characters 🤗

#mahanati @Samanthaprabhu2 ur performance in the climax was excellent...loved the way u did it 🤗...scenes with @TheDeverakonda wr super cute ♥️

#mahanati now a special congrats to director Aswin nag and the producers for delivering this classic.. I really respect your hardwork and determination 🤗wishes to the entire team 🤗🤗🤗

#mahanati finally ... must watch 😇

Naga Chaitanya

Got to be a small part of this masterpiece #Mahaanati but nothing for me will ever be bigger than this opportunity and the role I got play Thank you @VyjayanthiFilms @SwapnaCinema @nagashwin7 . Salute to Savitri Garu . #ANRliveson (1/2)

Huge respect @KeerthyOfficial @dulQuer @Samanthaprabhu2 @TheDeverakonda lot to learn from you guys .. truly inspiring and to everyone who has been a part of this ! There is no stopping it . Epic ! (2/2)


అశ్వినిదత్ ఒక మంచి నిర్మాత. అతని కుమార్తెలిద్దరూ ధైర్యం చేసి డబ్బుకు వెనుకాడక 'సావిత్రి' గారి జీవిత చరిత్రని సినిమాగా తీశారు. గొప్ప విజయాన్ని సాధించిందని విన్నాను. అటువంటి మంచి సినిమాలో నాకూ ఒక మంచి పాత్రనిఛ్చి 'శభాష్' అనిపించుకునేలా చేసారు. #Mahanati (1/2)
ది క్రెడిట్ గోస్ టూ ది డైరెక్టర్ అండ్ ప్రొడ్యూసర్స్.ఆ బిడ్డలు చేసిన ఈ ప్రయత్నం విజయవంతమైనందుకు ఆ భగవంతుడు వారికీ నిండు నూరేళ్ళు ప్రసాదించాలనీ... అయుఆరోగ్యాలతో ఉండాలని ఇటువంటి మంచి చిత్రాలు మరెన్నో తీయ్యాలని ఆ బిడ్డలనిద్దరిని ఆశీర్వదిస్తున్నాను. #Mahanati

Lakshmi Manchu

Just WOW! #Mahanati
Executing the life of a wonderful human & actress in a beautiful way is a challenge & y’all did best! Congratultions team #Mahanati! Special shout out to Swapna & Priyanka Dutt! May women continue to rule. @KeerthyOfficial @Samanthaprabhu2 @TheDeverakonda @dulQuer @themohanbabu

Vamsi Paidipally

#Mahanati @SwapnaCinema..A Big Shout for the whole team of this Epic..#NagAshwin Thank You Nagi for making this film. Savitri garu is always Eternal and You made Her much more Eternal..Have no words to explain Your Research,Your writing,Your screenplay & Your Direction. RESPECT.


Watching #Mahanati , Director Naga Ashwin takes me into Savitri gari era, what a film @KeerthyOfficial is blessed to do this role, she just lived in it, @chay_akkineni as ANR garu superb, congratulations Swapna garu & team it's another experience

Samantha I am very proud to have played a small part in this CLASSIC ❤️ Thankyou @nagashwin7 for Madhuravani .. #Mahanati @KeerthyOfficial you were just Outstanding !! Much love to my producers @VyjayanthiFilms and @TheDeverakonda @dulQuer . #TeamMahanati
Sumanth #Mahanati is the definition of a classic! Heartfelt congratulations to @nagashwin7 @VyjayanthiFilms @SwapnaCinema and the stellar starcast/team @KeerthyOfficial @dulQuer @Samanthaprabhu2 @TheDeverakonda. And @chay_akkineni , so touching to see you as Thatha

#Mahanati 👏👏👏
What a bold thought by @nagashwin7 @SwapnaCinema @VyjayanthiFilms and then executing it with this stellar star cast 🙏
Must watch. I got to know things that I never knew too.
Congratulations Team Mahanati! 😀

Loved every single performance!
@KeerthyOfficial 👏👏👏 killed it!
@Samanthaprabhu2 you made me 😥🤗👌
@dulQuer superb!! 👍👍
@TheDeverakonda 🙌🙌
@themohanbabu garu @DirKrish Avasarala Srinivas @prakashraj garu everyone 😀 so so convincing!

And @chay_akkineni
So wonderful to see him in Thatha’s role!
Heart is happy! ❤️😀🤗

Sekhar Kammula

Thank you Nagi.. thank you for having this dream of #MAHANATI. Brilliantly told..original and never before in our industry. Hatsoff to #keerthysuresh for your mind blowing performance.

Harish Shankar

ust finished watching mahaanati ... if am not genuine to my self then am not me...for the first time in my life ... am feeling guilty of being a director ... “classic” is a
small word to express about the film words , only tears of joy for experiencing the true
“ Cinema”

Apart from every craft and technical brilliance wanna salute @KeerthyOfficial @dulQuer @TheDeverakonda for their mesmerising contribution to the film #mahanati ...


#Mahanati is one of the best Biopic’s i’ve http://seen.It ’s a classic.
@nagashwin7 ‘s truthful story telling about Savitri gari life is http://awesome.My appreciation to his talent & to his vision.
@KeerthyOfficial delivered an outstanding lifetime performance 👏👏

Sampath Nandi #Mahanati is a celebration. Clearly out of words. Thanks to @nagashwin7 @VyjayanthiFilms & @SwapnaCinema for this epic biopic which deserves to be watched by every telugu person across the globe
Raghavendra Rao

సావిత్రి గారి చరిత్ర తరతరాలకు అందించిన స్వప్న సినిమా వైజయంతి మూవీస్ కి ధన్యవాదాలు . @KeerthyOfficial పాత్ర లో జీవించింది. జెమినీ గణేశన్ గా @dulQuer నటన అద్భుతం. నాగ అశ్విన్ మరియు చిత్ర యూనిట్ కి నా అభినందనలు. 😊

Mehreen Pirzada

👌👏👏👏#StandingOvation #Awestruck #Mahaanati Team a University of Acting Nailed @dulQuer @TheDeverakonda @Samanthaprabhu2 #RajendraPrasadGaru 🙏Respect initiative @ Director-Producers #TeamMahanati Thank you for this lifetime experience

BVS Ravi

Left speechless watching the classic #MAHANATI for the utmost care taken to capture the authentic details in terms of production design, makeup n hair-do.Mesmerises us to believe that its not @KeerthyOfficial but #Savitrigaru herself. It’s once in a lifetime performance for her.

What a movie experience it is. Not possible without the outstanding performances of @Samanthaprabhu2 @TheDeverakonda #Rajendraprasadgaru @prakashraaj @DirKrish ! @nagashwin7 made a timeless classic out of must know true story. #Mahaanati

AkkineniNageswraRaoGaru re-lived thru @chay_akkineni and SVRgaru re-lived Thru @themohanbabu garu. Hours after watching the movie #Mahaanati still is stuck in my mind. Thank you @VyjayanthiFilms for the experience.

Veerabhadram director # Mahanati is a classic ..superb👍👍👍..don’t miss it ...
Atlee director #Mahanathi classic ,emotional inspirational bio epic of savithri Amma @KeerthyOfficial brought back the legendary actress hats off espl Mayabazar dance @Samanthaprabhu2 Thambi u rocked , congrats to whole team & Spl Thx to @VyjayanthiFilms for this unforgettable classic ...
Manoj Manchu A super duper classic hit by a classic team!😍😍Congratulations team #Mahanati ❤️❤️ You guys nailed it! @KeerthyOfficial @Samanthaprabhu2 @TheDeverakonda @dulQuer @themohanbabu garu @nagashwin7 @SwapnaCinema @VyjayanthiFilms


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