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06 January 2014


Nani Shocked .. Shattered .. Clueless .. Restless .. Just don't know what to say .. Why why why?
Sumanth Always seemed so kind & courteous the few times we met. Sad! RIP #UdayKiran
Ram Sweet..Polite..Always Smiling.. #RIP UdayKiran
Charmme U never know wats behind tat smiling face !!! hope ur soul finds happiness whr ever u r now !!! RIP UDAY .. Strength to family !!
Lakshmi rai Omg!!!shocked to hear uday Kiran is no more!!!😳such a young man left too too soon! Can't believe !very sad:( rip uday Kiran.
Gopichand Malineni Really Sad News abt Uday Kiran..RIP
Radikaa Sarathkumar Suicide rate across movie industry all over the world is getting scary. I wish god gives us all strength n reason to sail through all times.
Prakash Raj Extremely disturbed with the news of young actor udaykiran s suicide. What was wrong young man??? Sad. Shouldn't we find reasons to LIVE
NItin Just heard bout udaykiran..really sad.. May his soul r.i.p
Navadeep I Had seen d first glimpse of stardom in real life with uday! Life and its strange ways! Suicide is never d answer, Very sad news!
Sundeep kishan Shocked..Uday Kiran is no more..was such a warm and nice person..depressing news..RIP brother..strength to his family
Vennela kishore Shocked n feeling terrible by the news abt Uday Kiran ending his life..What he must've gone thru to take such a step..Cruel Pressures..RIP
Sneha Ullal What the hell??? Heard about Uday it true?
Omg what's happening to our actor clan.if it is sure he is happier where he is now.lets take a Uday moment and pray for him.amen
Nikhil Siddhartha Hearing some Unfortunate Unbelievable news abt Hero Uday Kiran... Please tell me that it is not True...
Priyamani Woke up to hear the news of Uday Kiran!!!!R.i.p Uday!!!!one of the nicest and friendliest guys I knw!!!!deeply saddened by the news!!
Karthika Nair RIP Uday Kiran!!horrible start to 2014..
Lakshmi Manchu Omg! Heartbroken! Rip udaykiran. You were a sweet soul. Geees not fair :( devastating
Manchu Manoj Soo sad to hear one of my good friend Uday Kiran is No more ... God pl give strength to their family ...RIP babai... Will miss u alot:(
Vimala Raman Omg just for the bad news R.I.P Uday Kiran who was my first ever co star in my first film 'Poi' . Such a lovely person and good hearted :(
I'm really shocked to hear this news I don't know what to say guys :(
Nikesha patel Never met uday kiran but hear so much about him. RIP uday
Gopi Mohan ‏ Very bad news about Uday Kiran suicide.We did Nuvvu Nenu film.Teja made him a star.He is a nice guy.Very sad news to hear in the morning.RIP
Varun Sandesh Very sadd that Uday Kiran is no more:-( Such a young chap... Was a very sweet n kind hearted guy... Still can't believe it:-( R.I.P. Uday!!!
Khushbu sundar Shocked to hear that a young n talented #UdayKiran is no more among us..worst u can do to urself n ur loved 1s is commit suicide..RIP ..
Rakul preet sing Shocked to hear about Uday Kiran.Never met but heard so much bout him! May his soul RIP.
Kalyani koduri uday kirans suicide is so shocking:( so hard to digest..very sad news
BVS Ravi A very bad morning to wake up to know about UdayKiran who always had been our wellwisher is no more. Sorry Uday,Always wantd u n our films.
Manchu Manoj ‏ In a certain perspective, Life is unsympathetic n death is unapologetic.
Bhaskarabhatla ఇంత అధైర్యపడిపోతావనుకోలేదు ఉదయ్ కిరణ్...నువ్వు చేసిన పని ఏమైనా బాగుందా??
Raghu kuknche

Life Lo vochhe problems ni dhiryam ga face chesukoleni "pirikivaallu "chese, pichhi pani "suicide"- anyways you made a mistake "UDAY" I
I just really hate you Man :-( Nuvvalaa cheyyakundaa undaalsindi -- We really miss you "Thammudu"

Sriya reddy Rip uday Kiran.... Such a talented actor


Madhoo Singer Its a shock to hear Uday's loss.
RIP Uday Kiran, we all love you and will miss you :((
Kuchipudi Venkat I know Uday Kiran from many years...I approached him for my dream project Vamsi &varma..he declined it fr his own reasons..I ended up making Modati cenima...he was a nice guy..iam saddened by his demise..he was much ..much more than his descion ..I wish I met him before this cowardly act...Iam sure he would have never ended his life..suicide is never the solution fr one's worries..never..EVER...May his soul rest ...IN.
Sonia (Happy days fame) R I P Uday kiran. Peace to u nd strength to ur family.
RP Patnaik Uday u should not have done that. You still have many fans and like you for what you are. There was still a career to move on. Commiting suicide is not a solution for a struggle. You Should have fought till the audience realise that you are a self made star. Our songs have been all time super hits.... u will remain in the hearts of the ppl forever. RIP...
Chaitanya Krishna (actor) you would always remain an inspiration for us .RIP UDAY KIRAN
Sree Mukhi (actress) What the hell. He recently got married. Saw him smiling at every event in recent times. No one will forget his manasantha nuvve and chitram. Uday kiran is no more? Still not able to believe this. RIP.
Raghu Kunche (music director) Life Lo vochhe problems ni dhiryam ga face chesukoleni "pirikivaallu "chese,
pichhi pani "suicide"- anyways you made a mistake "UDAY" -
I just really hate you Man
Nuvvalaa cheyyakundaa undaalsindi -- We really miss you "Thammudu"
Asish Vidhyardhi R. I. P. Dear Uday kiran... Worked with you for the first time in telugu film Sriram... Remember you as a positive, ever smiling warm soul.. Am shocked and sad at this loss of a young bright life. Strength to the family.
Sudhakar Komakula (actor) He was an inspiration and still continues to inspire many youngsters including me to become a Movie actor. Hope this incident would not change the perception of people towards hope, aspirations, ambitions etc. RIP Uday Kiran - The Star.
Sreedhar Reddy Madhura (director) Met Uday Kiran for a coffee 3 months back. He looked so confident to bounce back! Very shocking to know that he is no more! God!!!!!
Damu (Ala Modalaindi producer) What to up to hear the most saddening news this Year..y.......? Uday..Good Friend, one person with whom I shared my scripts for opinion...hard to digest his demise....RIP my friend...May God give strength to his wife n family to over come this irreparable loss... You are in our prayers…
VN Aditya (Manasantha Nuvve director) R.I.P UDAY..
Never expected that he will leave all of us like this.. Very sad..
Devi Prasad (director) "ఉదయకిరణ్" మృతి బాధాకరం. శ్రధ్ధాంజలి.
Bhaskarabhatla Ravi Kumar (lyricist) ఉదయ్ కిరణ్ ఆమధ్య 'దిల్ కబడ్డి' అనే సినిమాకు పాటలు రాయమని పిలిచాడు.సునిల్ కాశ్యప్ సంగీతదర్శకుడు. కొన్ని పాటలు రాశాను.ఉదయ్ కి బాగా నచ్చాయి.కాకపోతే ఆ సినిమా మధ్యలోనే ఆగిపోయింది.కానీ ఉదయ్,నేను తరచూ కలిసే వాళ్ళం.ఆ సినిమా బయటపడే మార్గం దొరికితే బాగుణ్ణు అనేవాడు.నేను ధైర్యం చెప్పేవాడిని.తన పెళ్ళి రిసెప్షన్ కి వెళ్ళాను.నా గృహప్రవేశానికి దంపతులిద్దరూ వచ్చారు. ఇంతలోనే ఇలా అధైర్యపడిపోతాడనుకోలేదు.
ఏంటి ఉదయ్ నువ్వు చేసినపని?
Sana (actress) Shock...Cnt believe it... a man who smile always, vry down to can he do this ????? uday kiran... ...v all will miss u...
Kalyani Koduri (music director) uday kirans suicide is so shocking:( so hard to digest..very sad news
Tanish (actor) never he used to b like dat... hex not a coward...if he is .... he never wanted to b like dis if hex depressed about hid life or career....if dats d reason evry1 believes abt den he wud hav done dat long ago wen he almost lost everything in his life including d dear one's around him....but nooooo...he fought...he facedddd...he never feared....never sheared....he was d 1 whom i wud take as an inspiration fr very ups n downs in life.... i have seen him since i was a kid till d time wat hez nw....but wen i heard abt him at 3.00am i saw him in appolo at 3.16am... gone....evrythin n d respect abt d mst of d ppl i hav known is gone.....i hav seen a rare scenario der....will reveal wen d time is right....but stop talking abt him or pitying him..... u will noe d truth but one thing i can swear on ma tears ..... he is an amazing human being n was gr8 frnd....but no one can take his place in ma life..... miss u anna :.-( alotttttt.... tc whr ever u r
Satyanand (writer) అతను వెళ్ళిపోయాడు ..
అన్నీ కాదనుకుని ,అందరిని వదులుకుని వెళ్ళిపోయాడు ..
నాకు ఉదయ కిరణ్ తో పరిచయం తక్కువే అయినా ..న్యూస్ తెలియగానే చాలా బాధ అనిపించింది ..చిన్నవాడు ,ఎంతో జీవితం ఉన్నవాడు ఎందుకు ఇంతపని చేసాడో ...
విలువైన ఓ జీవితం ఇలా విషాదంగా ముగిసి పోవటం చాలా దురదృష్టం ...
అతని ఆత్మ శాంతి కి ఆ దేవుడుని ప్రార్ధిస్తూ .....
Veera Shankar (director) అత్యంత మూర్ఖమైన నిర్ణయాలలో ఆత్మహత్యదే అగ్రస్థానం. కారణాలేమైనా ఇలా అమ్మానాన్నలకు కడుపు కోతను మిగిల్చి, తనను నమ్మి వచ్చిన జీవిత సహచరికి అన్యాయాం చేసి వేళ్ళిపోవడం న్యాయమా చెప్పు మిత్రమా! నీ చిరునవ్వులలో పసివాడు కనిపిస్తాడు. ఇక ఆ అవకాశం మాకెప్పటికీ లేకుండా చేశావు. ఇక మేము కొరుకునేది నీ ఆత్మకు శాంతి కలగాలని తప్ప ఇంకేం మిగిల్చావు?....
Snigdha (actress _ Ala Modalaindi) I luv manasantha nuvve & I watched it many times. So sadz to here that Uday kiran z no more. Met him twice hez a nice human bring. Rest in peace. May god give strength to his family
Kranthi Madhav (diretcor - Onamalu) Veyi Kannulatho Koti ashalatho... Rest in Peace Uday Kiran.
Chaitanya Prasad (lyricist) జరగకూడదని అనుకుందీ
జరిగి తీరతానంటోంది!
వరము లాగ దరి చేరిందీ
తిరిగి దూరమై పోతోంది!
రెప్పల మాటున ఉప్పెనలా ఒక ఉప్పటి సంద్రం పొంగింది.
ఇలా ఎందుకౌతోంది...!!??
ఇలా ఎందుకౌతోంది...!!??

Telugu film actor Uday Kiran committed suicide by hanging himself in the night of 5th January 2014 at his own flat in Sri Nagar Colony. He has acted in over 19 films which includes blockbusters like Nuvvu Nenu and Manasantha Nuvve. He started off his career with a bang by delivering three hit films. He has became an instant craze. He couldn’t find success later. Uday Kiran married his girlfriend Vishita on 24 October 2013. Known as a non-controversial and soft natured, Uday Kiran has always been a pleasant film personality. He has taken film failures in his stride and was working on finding good scripts. His suicide has sent shockwaves among the film industry. May his soul rest in peace!

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