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21 August 2015

“Gripping Romantic Thriller - Vishal’s ‘Indrudu’ is here on Zee Telugu to keep you wakeful through varied emotions he goes through by subtly touching upon Narcolepsy”

Actor Vishal has evolved as an actor and proved that he is loved by all. One such movie that has elevated him is ‘Indrudu’which is a Romantic Thriller that touches upon a rare disorder of Narcolepsy and how that affected his life in a way which makes him do the impossible.

Indra (Vishal) is a Narcoleptic Patient due to which he falls asleep during any emotional situation like happiness, anger, shock etc. He depends totally on his mother (Saranya) always and can never be left alone. Due to this, he doesn’t have a fulfilling professional or personal life. On a fine day, ​he meets Meera (Lakshmi Menon).- a rich girl. She helps him fulfill his 10 desires which he dreamt of from his childhood. They both develop feelings of love for each other. They fight against Meera’s father who opposes of the relationship.Things take a turn when Meera gets attacked brutally by few people when Indra gets into an unconscious state. ​How Indra hunts them down to take revenge with his unusual disorder forms the rest of the story.

This Sunday, 23rd Aug 2015, Watch Zee Telugu’s Premiere movie ‘Indrudu’ at 6PM.




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