NRI make massive contribution for cancer screening in the Telugu states through Grace Cancer Foundation!
Padmasri Dr. Shobha Raju performs to a packed audience at the charity event, ‘Concert for a Cause’ at New Jersey
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2 August 2018

Grace Cancer Foundation, working to ameliorate the condition of several poor and hapless cancer patients, hosted a ‘Concert for a Cause’ at Manville, New Jersey, USA, today, to raise funds for a Cancer Mobile Screening Bus. Renowned Devotional Singer, musician and Annamacharya Bhavana Vahini founder, Padmasri Dr. Shobha Raju, rendered popular Anamacharya kritis, to a packed audience of over 500 NRI Telugu’s from the neighborhood.

The Concert raised Rs 50 lakhs, with NRIs liberally contributing for a noble cause. Mr. Vidyadhar Garapati, TANA Regional Representative, took the initiative in hosting the Concert and raising the funds. Democratic politician M.r Upendra Chivukula and other prominent NRIs participated and contributed to the cause. Major donors were Mr. Venkatasubbaraya Chowdary Achanta $ 10,000, Godavari NRI Association $ 10,000 and Mr. Vidyadhar Garapati 10,000.00. Dr. Prameela, Founder Trustee, collected the cheque on behalf of the Grace Cancer Foundation.

Grace Cancer Foundation thanks all the donors for their large-heartedness. These funds enable us to acquire a Cancer Mobile Screening Bus to multiply our efforts and expedite largescale screening of people in rural parts of both the Telugu states, says of Dr. Prameela, Founder Trustee, Grace Cancer Foundation.

About Grace Cancer Foundation
GRACE Cancer Foundation (Global Research and Cancer Education), a non-profit organization started in 2013, is the brainchild of Dr. Chinnababu Sunkavalli, a surgical oncologist of repute. He started it with a vision to reach out to people who cannot afford expensive cancer treatment, to provide counselling and to spread awareness on Cancer and its treatments. Through years of relentless work with a dedicated team of medical professionals and volunteers, GCF has been conducting various camps and awareness programs throughout India while touching lives and providing helping hands to unreached masses. GCF since its inception has conducted 70 Cancer Awareness programs and 194 Cancer Screening programs in 100 Villages, 50 Towns and 44 Cities and reached out to 90,000 people. This initiative of GCF has great significance considering the rising incidence of Cancer. Approximately 15 lakh cases of cancer are newly detected every year. Breast and cervical cancers are the top two killers among women. The alarming nature can be assessed from the available statistics, which indicate that one woman dies of cervical cancer every 8 minutes and for every 2 women newly diagnosed with breast cancer, one woman dies of it, in India.



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