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26 January 2017
Boston, USA

The right place for dining must have amicable ambience, authentic taste and original flavor, cooked with fresh ingredients, zesty and warm spices to create that perfect harmony of wonderful aroma and fulfilling taste.

We just found an Indian restaurant that fulfills and even exceeds our expectations. All food lovers are welcome to try Indian dishes like never before. Keep on reading to find out more about this experience!

The Place
For a start, we would like to talk about the place. The atmosphere is a combination of sophistication and relaxation, with a unique touch to make you feel comfortable. You will feel like home as you have the best Indian dishes in town.

The whole building is a very vast space, with 6,800 square feet. Within that area, there is a well-balanced distribution of all spaces. At the entrance, there is a hall. You can wait there to be seated and delight your senses with the excellent decoration. The banquette area is next, as a private zone for your special events- birthday gatherings, reunions, family functions, social occasions, etc. Finally, in the restaurant there is the bar area, where you can chill out after a long day of work. It is an excellent choice to hang out with friends even if you are not in the mood for dining.

Everything is integrated with seamless ambiance and an incredible decoration. Just getting inside is an experience and you will not want to leave! Regardless of the excellent place, it is nothing compared to the food. Let us find out what this place has to offer.

The Food
The food itself is an experience. It has a great taste with the original flavor of the Oriental dishes that will light up your taste buds and enrich your cultural experience in new, fun and enlightening ways. The soul of Indian food is reflected in every dish. The place is proud to give the best Indian food you will ever taste and a unique option for dining in the area.

You can have the authentic Biryani with a twist of spice if you order the Chicken Dum Biryani. The recipe is a combination of Indian spices, mixed in such a way it will trap your senses. Even Indian people love the way they have cooked this particular dish, which is an excellent sample of the fusion of traditional and modern techniques for cooking.

The Chicken Dum Biryani is nothing compared with the House Specialty, the most delicious Goat Sukha you will ever have. The recipe is coming from a long family line. It is carefully cooked to preserve the ancient taste of Indian food. The unique flavor can satisfy the most demanding palates. It is the signature dish for this place, and this protagonist spot is earned justly.

One of the most popular dishes you will find is the Guthi Vankaya, an Andhra Traditional Dish, with the exclusive seasoning of the master chef who prints a distinctive taste that everybody loves. There are also 18 Varieties of Dosas to delight your taste. We could keep talking about the extensive menu of Indian food, but it is best to experience and explore it yourself. You will soon realize that you could go for days and never repeat a dish. Simply be amazed at the many options they have to serve.

You can have a broader try of the regular menu if you go to the Monthly Special Buffet with 50+ items. The buffet is a combination of some of the dishes on the regular menu and some other special dishes. The specials are carefully selected to make use of seasonal ingredients so that you can taste the fresh elements specially cooked for you. The result is the most incredible culinary experience. We are sure you have never had such experience of Indian food before.

The Service
The place and the food are complemented with a personalized service. The waiters are cheerful, willing to help and advise you of the best choice on the menu. They are eager to fulfill your needs, and are always ready to accommodate exceptional solicitations for your meal, just ask, and the staff will do their absolute best to make Dharani feasting a treasured experience.

Dharani is open for lunch and dinner, seven days a week, for your dining experience. You can reach them by phone or email. Check out their website or contact them on Facebook or Google Plus!

From the words, of Team Dharani Woburn, “#WeareeverywhereUwant2be. We are committed to maintaining a level of excellence that you expect from a family-oriented fine-dining experience, and providing a wonderful, pleasure-filled culinary adventure that will satisfy any appetite.” Try us out today, in Woburn, MA and be ready to have a different dining experience with us!

We hope to serve you soon! Thank You!

474 Main St, Woburn, MA 01801
Phone: (781) 277-6707
Email: [email protected]


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