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25 November 2016

As many would have known Kitchen of Kuchipudi was conceptualized and founded by self-styled Filmmaker and chef Kuchipudi Venkat who also founded the trend setting restaurants Ulavacharu, 7 Biryanis and Kitchen Of Kuchipudi.

He is the brain behind the now famous Raju Gari Kodi Palav which has become a household favorite among the Telugu community worldwide. The idea of naming dishes in Telugu and which stay true to the character of Telugu cooking is the innovative style of Venkat. These have been widely complimented and reproduced by many but have also resulted in sad imitations that are tasteless and named randomly by opportunistic players parading as passionate Telugu foodies..

Raju Gari Kodi Palav, Bangla Kodi, Kodi Chips, 3G Annam, Peddama Mamsam Palav, Raju Gari Bhojanam, Absolute Telugu Buffet (ATB) are some of the headline dishes and meal courses introduced by Venkat.

Kitchen of Kuchipudi's (KOK) first outlet was launched at Santa Clara, California in December 2015 - and has seen an overwhelming response from the Bay area community and is continuing its dream run with over 150,000 patrons visiting.

At KOK, all conventions of the typical Indian Restaurants have been broken by introducing a unique approach to the menu, presentation, hospitality and service. KOK also proves a point that an Indian restaurant can be a success without serving a Buffet - one of the many golden rules to break.

Every show needs a showstopper and every game needs a game changer. However, the buffet was never in our Telugu culture and it can never be. "For me, a Buffet feels like serving leftovers and tasteless food cooked in bulk that is waiting for guests to come and finish" opines Venkat.

Kitchen of Kuchipudi has a tag line “mom's cuisine” - and we really mean it. Food is prepared in Homestyle process and not by preparing bulk sauces that are stocked and ready to mix in any dish the customer orders - all dishes result in the same gravy with vegetables or meats. Order a few curries and can easily identify this at any regular restaurant.

This may be an accepted norm in some cuisines but it is sacrilegious in our cuisine. Team KOK feels it has a social responsibility to bring this to the notice of the trusting Indian food lovers all over the world.

Team KOK and Raj Adike, the franchise owner are proud to announce the launch of their second outlet at Fremont, California on 24th November, 2016 as they are marking the first anniversary of their US operations.

During the Thanksgiving Week, it would be appropriate to indulge and savor the best of our signature dishes with family and friends and spend less time cooking and instead shop and hang out with friends.

KOK would also be soon debuting in Texas with two restaurants opening at Irving and Frisco in December.

Start Eating Fresh like “mom's cuisine”…….

Come & Enjoy the Authentic Taste & our signature dishes at Fremont, California from Tomorrow i.e., 24th November, 2016:

6052 Stevenson Blvd,
Fremont, CA 94538.
Phone: 510 690 8948

11 AM to 11 PM - Monday to Thursday
11 AM to 01 AM - Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Franchise Owner: Raj Adike - 408 836 1836
[email protected]

Restaurant Contact: Preetham - 408 913 0113

Franchisee Enquiries: Raj G ([email protected]) or 650 966 5473

Feedback to founder: [email protected]


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