Telangana Cultural assn CA Bathukamma 14th year celebrations in Bay Area 2017 - A Big family event in USA a Grand Success
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26 September 2017

TCA Celebrates 14th year of Bay Area Bathukammalu events in San Ramon and Sunnyvale, California with Tremendous response from TCA Families

Telangana Cultural Association ( TCA), which is the vanguard protecting and preserving Telangana Culture for all NRIs and propagating it to the next generation of our children, has celebrated TCA EAST BAY BATHUKMMA (SAN RAMON, CALIFORNIA) and TCA BAY AREA MEGA BATHUKAMMA (SUNNYVALE, CALIFORNIA) with RESOUNDING SUCCESS for the 14th year and with TREMENDOUS wholehearted participation by THOUSANDS of TCA Families at BOTH THE TCA BATHUKAMMA EVENTS this weekend on 23rd and 24th September 2017.

Just like in Telangana, both the entire event venues, Dougherty Valley High School’s (DVHS) auditorium, San Ramon, CA and Ortega Park, Sunnyvale, CA, filled with traditionally dressed ladies carrying their beautifully decorated Bathukammalu in hundreds. The bathukammalu were decorated elaborately with very beautiful flowers of very varied varieties and colors. The top 4 bathukammalu out of the hundreds were selected by eminent judges at both the events and those 4 were awarded Beautiful prizes. The awesome winners of these awesome TCA Best Bathukamma awards and prizes for San Ramon event were: Mamatha Buddineni (1st prize), Naveenna Kellepu (2nd prize), Roopa Kala (3rd prize) and Prasanna Maddineni (4th prize). The TCA Best Bathukamma winners at Sunnyvale Bathukamma event were: Neelima Singireddy (1st prize), Sireesha Nalabolu (2nd prize), Archana Koppula (3rd Prize), Jyothi Chigullapally (4th prize). TCA recognized the care and dedication of everyone who has prepared a bathukamma and brought it with tremendous bhakthi and respect by giving a TCA Bathukamma memento to everyone who brought a bathukamma, to all the hundreds of bathukamma participants.

Bathukamma for lot us when growing up meant celebrating it in our villages or colonies with our grandparents, parents, family and friends. Now for Bay Area NRIs, Bathukamma means TCA’s Bathukamma events that are getting huge amount of thousands of participants year after year and everyone in Bay Area would be waiting for these TCA Bathukamma events all throughout the year. In fact they donot miss much the celebrations they used to have at back home villages anymore, as they feel these TCA Bathukamma celebrations get them the same homely feeling and festive joy among the TCA Mega Family Festive Bathukamma Celebrations.

TCA Executive team members Dhananjaya Boda, Chandrakala Siramdas, Srinivas Gujju, Mahipal Annam, Vinoy Mereddy, Sagar Kotha, Harish Bhokre and Vijayalakshmi Kanikaram organized these beautiful TCA Bathukamma events for thousands of very enthusiastic Bay Area Telangana, Telugu and Indian residents with best wishes and help from TCA founding members Vijay Chawla, Biksham Palabindela and Buchanna Gajula.TCA Ex-Chairman Bhaskar Maddi also actively helped and motivated many volunteers.

All the participants at TCA San Ramon Bathukamma celebrations appreciated the indoors location that was air-conditioned and thanked TCA for conducting it in an indoor auditorium location and helped them escape from the heat of the sun.

All the participants at TCA Mega Bathukamma Sunnyvale celebrations appreciated the beautiful covered Gazeebo that provided a beautiful setting with the entire huge gazebo filled with thousands of Enthusiastic participants with all Bathukammalu arranged in the middle of the gazebo.

The participants enjoyed playing Bathukamma dances to various Bathukamma songs, played synchronized Kolatam and played the hands spin that they used to play as kids in India and re-lived their wonderful childhoods and the great bonding they always share with their sisters and friends

Many dignitaries graced the 2 events and congratulated TCA and the Telangana community in the Bay Area for adding and contributing such wonderful vibrancy to American community and for keeping Our Telangana Culture Strong and preserving and propagating it to the next generation of Our Telangana American Kids. The various dignitaries include Dominique Yancey (Contra Costa County Deputy District Attorney), Sridhar Verose (San Ramon parks commissioner) and also community services commissioner, San Ramon mayor Bill Clarkson and many others.

These events were Tremendous successes because of our dedicated volunteers who spent endless hours making sure these events will be a Very Great Memorable experience to all attendees. TCA thanks these wonderful TCA volunteers including Arshad Khaja Hussain, Kishore Kaparaboyna, Praveen Thokala, Prasad Gattu, Jyothi Chigullapally, Ashok Chigullapally, Anupama Ponnamaneni, Madhukar Nalamachu, Sadanandam Kanikaram, Satish Rayapudi, Hariprasad, Srimayi Annam, Sumanth Thokala, Neha Boda, Aakanksha Maddi, Vishnu Mettupalli, Sreekanth Takkalapalli, Praveen Garapalli, Rajkumar Srikanda, Srikanth Kandhuri , Prabhakar Pooskur, Uday Jonnala, Gopi Manchala, Sampath Prathapagiri, Ajay Gaddam, Sravan Kunadi, Sushmitha Annadi, Swetha, Ruchika Kotha, Shiva Kodithayala, Harish Marripally, Suresh Nagavarapu, Manjula Gujju, Madhavi Annam, Ravi Chandra Anantha, Manoj, Chakrapal Kalwa and many many more

The executive team members from many organization in the Bay Area attended these 2 TCA Bathukamma events and congratulated the entire TCA team and TCA family.


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