TEA’s 2015 Kickoff event received a very positive and enthusiastic response from the community in Dallas, Texas
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14 July 2015

(TEA) A non-profit 501(c) volunteer based organization established in 2010 in Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.

TEA’s organizational goals, aims, and objectives are geared towards wealth creation through entrepreneurship. TEA focus is to Foster Entrepreneurship among Telugu community and with a special focus on fostering entrepreneurship among Youth and Woman Globally.

TEA’s Mission is to become largest pool of intellectual capital, driven by Entrepreneurship throughout the world. A brand that can be globally synonymous with Entrepreneurship.

TEA other goals are to become a driver to boost the economies many folds in the communities where it operates.
Telugu Entrepreneurs’ Association (TEA) successfully conducted the 2015 kickoff event in Dallas, Texas on 19th June, 2015 at SLPS Convention Center. Around two hundred entrepreneurs and business people were in attendance and participated enthusiastically.

The purpose of the event was to welcome the new team for the year 2015 share information about TEA and its mission and seek support from the attendees and the community.

The beautifully decorated convention center welcomed the attendees. The evening started out with a networking session, where the attendees got a chance to network with each other. The event was then kicked off by Vennela Gajjala, Chair for Youth Entrepreneurship, who welcomed the attendees and went over the agenda for the evening.

Founder and Chairman, Mr. Gurram Srinivas Reddy, shared with the attendees the objective of TEA and the past events that were conducted in Dallas, Texas under his vision and leadership with the help of Sinu Pohar and Suresh Vuluvala Presidents and their teams helped to execute from 2010 to 2015. He also shared about TEA expansion plans making TEA as a global organization. As part TEA global expansion Hyderabad chapter was inaugurated in December, 2013 by successful first generation entrepreneurs like Srinu Raju, a Billion Dollars Venture Capitalist, Mr. Ayodya Rami Reddy, Ramki group, Yarlagadda Harischandra Prasad, venture capitalist and power generation expert, Dr. Vara Prasad Reddy, Santha Biotech, Thota Chandra Shekar former IAS, founder/chairman Aditya constructions, Dr. Pailla Malla Reddy New York based successful pharmaceutical entrepreneur, Ponnala Laxmaiah IT Minister, B.V. Mohan Reddy of Infotech and Dr. M.S. Reddy billionaire and three time Nobel Peace nominee has more than 20 dairy farms and 120 patents in dairy technology in America.

The beautifully decorated SLPS convention center welcomed the attendees. Many thanks to Mrs. Pallavi Thotakura, Chair for Women Entrepreneurship, and her team for their outstanding efforts in taking care of the decorations.

We also thank Mahendar Ganapuram TEA Vice president for coordinating the delicious food and drinks for the evening from Pista House Restaurant in Dallas Texas.

Mr. Suresh Vuluvala, President of TEA Dallas Chapter for the year 2014, welcomed the attendees and shared about TEA’s accomplishments in the year 2014. He reminded the attendees about our honorable Prime Minister, Shri Naredra Modi ji’s call to build the bridge between the people in India and the Indians living outside of India. Mr. Suresh Vuluvala expressed that TEA platform can also play an instrumental role in creating the bridge between the people in India and United States of America. Mr. Suresh Vuluvala welcomed Mr. Pratap Bhimreddy, President of TEA Dallas Chapter for the year 2015, and introduced him to the attendees.

Mr. Pratap Bhimireddy welcomed the attendees and shared about the future plans for the TEA Dallas Chapter and introduced his executive members to the attendees. Pratap In his address to audience expressed that there are so many business opportunities in America that our community can pursue and TEA can be a great platform to fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams.

Mr. Narasimha Reddy Urimindi, President of TANTEX, addressed the audience saying that TEA is a wonderful platform to fulfil entrepreneurial dreams and he thanked TEA for bringing valuable programs to the community. He expressed his confidence in Mr. Pratap Bhimireddy in leading the TEA organization to the next level.

Miss. Vennela Gajjala, in her address to the audience, asked the parents to encourage their kids to become entrepreneurs. She expressed that TEA is great platform for youth to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams and TEA is planning a workshop for youth this coming August 2015.

The entrepreneurs and business men and women in attendance were glued to their seats throughout the presentation. All speakers gave a call for more attendees to take advantage of the organization by involving more and volunteering their time.

We thank all our executive committee members who worked hard to make this event successful specially, Prem Gangalakuntla TEA Vice President, Satyam Veernapu TEA Secretary, Sharat Punreddy treasurer, Venkat Appireddy, joint treasurer, Sharada Singireddy, Joint Secretary, Ragu Gajjala, Raja Pabba, Priyanka Reddy, Mahender Guduru, Kaki Vasundra, Praveen Thota, Manohar Jangeti, Bima Penta and Shyama Rumalla, Our local Telugu organization TANTEX was represented by President Urimindi Narashima Reddy and Vice president, Subbu Jonnalagadla, Krishnaveni Seelam and our national telugu organization like NATA represented by Darga Reddy, TANA by Rajesh Adusumalli and Srikanth Polavarapu, ATA represented by Mahendar Ganapuram, NATS represented by Ajay Govada and Chandra Kaza, Andhra, Telangana friendship council by Sridhar Korsapati and Ramana Kristapati, TATA represented by Sharada Singireddy and other attendeed like Dr. Manohar Vajja, Samba Avrineni, Satyan Kalyandurg, Ramkrishna Rodda, Seelam Reddy, K.C. Chekury and Dr. Raju Kosuri who made this event successful .

Music and dance programs entertained the attendees throughout the event. We thank our Media partners that covered the event were recognized for their constant support to TEA. Sateesh Punnam from 6 TV, Venkat Mulukutla from TV9, Manohar Nimmagadda from Desi Plaza, Naseem Shaik from TV5.

The services and sacrifices of all the volunteers that helped to conduct the event successfully were acknowledged.


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