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Trends in Telugu Cinema Music
By Shalini Raj

One of these days I started getting nostalgic about music in Telugu movies. Early in the morning when I woke up to catch with a few of my favorite things like the freshness of dawn, and to see the orange skies with the sun rising one of the old melodies started to repeat in my mind.

Malli parundevu lera, malli parundevu masallutu undevu……………..
It took me back to the old melodies when Pingali, Arudra, Veeturi, Dr.C.Narayana Reddy, Dasarathi, Kosaraju, SriSri and numerous others gave such melodious lyrics. The lyrics which linger in your mind all time. The lyrics that would never fade from your memory though you did not hear them since from a long time. The songs that take your heart even though you never saw them and don't know who the actors are. It is the era of romantic songs like Oohalu gusa gusa lade, Anthaga nanu choodaku, Chetilo Cheyyesi, Ee pagalu reyiga, Lahiri Lahairi, Aaligina vellane choodali, Raavoi Chandamama ….and so many more that I can keep on writing for ever. Every song is a gem, which touches our heart like a gentle breeze, like the freshness of morning dew and the smell of soil when it starts to rain. The voice of Ghantasala, the melodious music, and the lyrics are eternal.

Then came 70s and 80s with all the goodies flavored with all emotions, with touching tunes and absolutely marvelous lyrics. Some of the songs of 70s are mutyamanata pasupu, Bhale Bhale mogidivo, nee kougillilo tala dachi, madhurati madhuram, ee divillo virisina parijatama, veena venuvina , tanivi teeralede, kommakommako sannayi, Chinukula rali, abhinava taravo and…many others. 70s is the time to listen to the versatility and the richness of S.P. Balasubrahmanyam's voice, which easily can express any emotion, can take any actor's voice.

90s is the time when there is a new touch to the music. The songs during this time have a more sophisticated touch and style. There is a new rhythm and beat along with good lyrics. Even the picturisation of songs took a new trend with very scenic places that enhanced the beauty of the songs. Along with music, dancing to the rhythm became essential. It is a time when viewing the song is as stimulating as listening to the songs. Songs like oka brundavanam, Raaja Rajadhi, Jallanta kavinta, botany class, Siva pujaki chigurinchana, Subhalekha rasukunna, naruda o naruda , srirastu subhamastu….and so on.

Today we have lot of new talent and equal opportunity for every one. We have many new lyricists who are well talented and have given some very melodious songs. But today all the songs in the movies are gibberish, which rhymes with music. And coming to singers not knowing Telugu has become a virtue. What is more shocking is the lyricists who gave great melodies in the past seem to lack motivation. There are ample situations in today's movies also where good situation songs can be written. There are ample places in India with breath taking locales. I'm sure there must be many others who must be waiting for the dawn of another melodious saga in Telugu film industry rather then letting the talent go down the drain.

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This article is written by Shalini Raj
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