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Arya 2 makes profit


bendua apparao

29 December 2009, Hyderabad

Though released with a divide talk and mixed reaction from critics, Arya 2 has begun it’s journey in a fabulous way with houseful collections all over. The theatrical run has been great and the producer was laughing his way to the bank till 1st week of December when 2-days dandh was called for Telangana agitations. The Samaikhyandra movement and Telangana activists boycotting Arya 2 movie affected it severely. Producer Aditya Babu has voluntarily came forward and took out movie from theatres in Nizam.

We are presenting you the break-up of the collections of the movie till 24 December. It collected a share of more than 20 crores rupees by then –

S No Territory Share till 24 December 2009
1 Nizam 6.5 crores (bought for 5.5 crores)
2 Ceded 4.22 crores (still running)
3 Vizag 1.6 crores (still running)
4 Guntur 1.27 crores (still running)
5 East Godavari 1.08 crores (still running)
6 West Godavari 1.21 crores (still running)
7 Nellore 0.75 crores (still running)
8 Krishna 1.15 crores (still running)
9 Karnataka 1.90 crores (still running)
10 Chennai & North India 0.40 crores (still running)
- Total (only in India) 20.08 crores

Arya 2 has collected a share of 6.5 crores in Nizam when the producer recalled prints. It was bought for 5.5 crores and distributed on sharing basis with Dil Raju in Nizam area. Hence, Arya 2 made profits by the time of recall in Nizam.

Except for Ceded and Nellore, the producer has retained the movie and had not sold it to anybody. The budget of this movie is around 21 crores. Arya 2 is expected to collect at least 3 crores for new year and Sankranthi season since no other big movie is going to release in the next couple of weeks. The producers are going to get around 7 crores from overseas collections, satellite rights, remake/dubbing rights (Kerala rights are sold for 95 lacs).

Made with the budget of 21 crores, the producer is going to have a profit of at least 4-5 crores on Arya 2 movie. It is quite an achievement for a movie released with divide talk and struggled with political turmoil. It has become a habit for Allu Arjun movies to get bad talk first and then turn into hits (It happened with Desa Muduru and Parugu too). On a whole, Arya 2 entertained people and it is a hit flick!

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