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Mr Perfect collects a gross of 12 crores for 3 days


mr perfect

25 April 2011,

Prabhas’s latest movie Mr Perfect has been doing excellent business at box office. This film is being patronized by youth as well as the family crowds. In AP alone, this movie has amassed a gross of 11 crores in the first three days. This film is approximately grossed around 1 crore in overseas (192k USD from 22 centers of USA - there are a few more centers in USA from which the revenue is unknown) for the first three days.

Here is the break up of Mr. Perfect over all gross revenue for 3 days

S. No Area Gross in Rs
1 Nizam 4,68,22,903
2 Ceded (excluding Kadapa) 1,18,95,381
3 Kadapa 37,23,055
4 Krishna 80,82,287
5 Guntur 85,72,204
6 Vizag 81,76,242
7 East Godavari 53,43,262
8 West Godavari 56,44,939
9 Nellore 34,51,793
10 Bengaluru 95,53,332
11 Bellary 9,72,694
12 Oversea 1,00,00,000 (Rough
Total 12,22,38,092

Here is the gross collection report of Mr. Perfect from 22 areas in USA for the first three days. There are a few areas which are not listed here -

If this trend continues, Mr. perfect has the chances of becoming the biggest hit of the year so far.

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