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Trade Story - 19th January 2006
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Vizag area Trade story - 19th January 2006

Superb collections for Lakshmi
Lakshmi is leading Sankranthi race with a huge difference in Vizag territory. Lakshmi collected a share of 53 lakhs in just 5 days with 28 prints in 30 theaters. Venkatesh’s earlier highest share for 7 days in Vizag area was Kalisundam Raa, which collected a share of 45 lakhs with 21 prints. For the first time, a Venkatesh’s film managed to get fixed hires for 10 centers before release with Lakshmi. If we include the fixed hires, the expected 1st week share of Lakshmi is going to surpass the magic figure of 1 crore. Lakshmi is doing extremely well in B and C centers. One example for it is that this film went housefuls in 2 theaters all the day yesterday in Vijayanagaram town.

Style film is doing exceedingly well in Vizag area as it saw all 4 theaters full for today (19 January) morning show in Vizag. This film collected a share 30.32 lakhs in 7 days. YVS Chowdary’s Devadasu collected a share of 8.10 lakhs in 7 days with 8 prints in 9 theaters. Chukkallo Chadrudu collected a share of 9.63 lakhs in 9 theaters with 7 prints in 5 days.

Chiranjeevi’s Jai Chiranjeeva collected a share of 25 lakhs in 4th week compared to 3rd week collections (15.8 lakhs). This film has collected a share of 1.55 crores so far including fixed hires.

Here is the table of collections in Vizag for this week-

Film Name Share Days prints theaters
Lakshmi 53 lakhs 5 28 30
Style 30,32,526 7 16 18
CC 9,63,048 5 9 10
Devadasu 8,10,772 7 8 9

Krishna area Trade story - 18th January 2006

Lakshmi leads the pack
Venkatesh’s Lakshmi is unanimously leading among Sankranthi releases as per the reports pouring in. Here is the trade report of Krishna area. Venkatesh’s earlier highest share for 7 days was 24.1 lakhs for Sankranthi (10 print release) film. Released with 14 prints, Lakshmi collected a share of 34.5 lakhs in just 4 days.

Lawrence’s Style collected 15 lakhs in 5 days with 8 prints. YVS Chowdary's Devadasu collected a share of 9 lakhs in 7 days with 5 prints. Siddardha's Chukkallo Chandrudu collected a share of 4 lakhs with 4 prints in 4 days.

Here is the table of collections in Krishna area for this week-

Film Name Share Days prints
Lakshmi 34.5 lakhs 4 14
Style 15 lakhs 5 8
Devadasu 9 lakhs 7 5
CC 4 lakhs 4 4

Chiranjeevi’s Jai Chiranjeeva’s collections increased in the 4th week compared to 3rd week. Jai Chiranjeeva collected over 11 lakhs in 3rd week and approximately 20 lakhs in 4th week. As per the initial talk on the release day, the distributors expected this film to collect around 1 crore in total run. But this film collected over 1.11 crore in in 4 weeks and is expected to collect around 1.5 crores in the total run. Here is the table of shares collected by Jai Chiranjeeva.

Jai Chiranjeeva in Krishna
Week No Total share collected
1 61,98,180
2 81,24,967
3 92,64,000
4 1,11,54,924

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