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Ilaya Raja Concert in the Bay Area (June 13th)

Ilaya Raja Concert in the Bay Area (June 13th) and Raghu Malladi (of PravasVani Radio program in the Silicon Valley) are proudly presenting a Telugu musical concert with an exclusive list of best melodies of the Maestro, Ilaiya Raja. The venue is the Sunnyvale Hindu Temple Auditorium, CA and the date/time is Sunday, June 13th from 4: 00 - 9: 00 PM. earlier successfully organized two similar concerts on the music Directors, Sathyam and KV Mahadevan in June 2009 9(with an association of the local Telugu Association, BATA) and November 2009 respectively. The Bay Area music lovers are just awaiting this upcoming awesome concert.

A total of around 25 full songs will be performed. The popular playback singer, Mallikarjun and sisters, Deepika and Shilpa and a popular Houston based singer, Sarada Akunuri are going to be a special attraction in this concert. An Ilaiya Raja Songs based Singing Competition event (before the main concert begins) will be held in between 12:00 and 3: 00 PM to encourage the kids and the enthusiastic adult singers. In addition, they are accompanied by our talented local Baby Area singers (Sudha Sastry, Vamsi Nadella and Narayanan Raju).

The concert is going to be a Live-Orchestra with ten best instrumentalists in the Bay Area and the team is often compared with the SP Balu's Orchestra that performs during their the US tour. For the first time, a world renouned Saxophonist, Ramesh Maraj is going to join the local Orchestra team to play the saxo pieces in the songs as well as two of his solo performances during the dinner break.

We are expecting a crowd of 2000+ music lovers to attend this event. A few music lovers are also flying from the distant places like New Jersy, Texas, Virginia, North Carolina etc just to experience the live-show thrill.

There will be a few 10 feet taller Ilaira Raja cut-outs at the entrance and on the stage and a gallery will be exhibited on the Ilaiya Raja's rarely available vintage pictures. We kindly request all of you to spread a word on this June 13th event to your near and dear ones in the Bay Area, California.

For more details on this spectacular Ilaiya Raja Concert and for online tickets, visit and