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Fresh from the success of PSV Garuda Vega, Wall poster cinema pvt Ltd is coming up with it's next overseas distribution venture, Needi Naadi oke Katha (NNOK), Starring 'Mental Madilo' Fame SriVishnu and from the makers of critically acclaimed movie Appatlo Okadundevadu.

NNOK boasts of being the first Telugu movie to be made with Dogme 95 film making technique, is directed by debutant Venu Udugula.

We would like to thank Nara Rohit , producers Vijay and Prashanti for giving us this opportunity to be associated with a prospective revolutionary movie in TFI.

For overseas trade inquiries, Please reach out to below contacts-
Lokesh: ‭+1 (773) 580-1379‬
Anil: +1 (949)527-2997
Abhilash: +1(443)583-9126
Email: [email protected]

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