Idlebrain.Com Proudly presents this new section 'Vox Populi'(Voice of People). What does cinema mean to you. Here is an attempt to gather the opinions of people from different walks of life. Each and every individual look at the same object from different angles and in different points of view. Some people love cinema. Some people hate it and some other are indifferent towards cinema.

For some people Cinema is a passion. For somebody it's a dream. Some people like the love stories. Some people hate the actors running around the trees. Not a single film got same applause from everybody. What could be the reason? Why people differ over the films?

Come and find it out for yourself. This week we have the voice of Matt. Next week the voice can be yours. Voice out your opinions. Express yourself.

What's with the Basketball in the Posters of Johnny? by Krishna Bhaskar from a viewer's angle by Ranganath Vanaparty
Chiranjeevi, Pawan Kalyan and Bhupinder Singh by Julie
Whats your daddy by Matt