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My Movie - Gangotri
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Gangotri - A talented hero in a bad directors hand

by Phani
29th March 2003
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These days many directors, actors and producers are hurrying up to make their sons get launched as heroes. God knows how many of them are getting success. There are some talented persons who are getting their career damaged by being in the hands of a bad director. For me "Allu Arjun" is one of them. After seeing the movie one point came up to my mind that Allu Arjun is a versatile hero but he lacks perfection. As usual being a budding artist he has to learn many things regarding acting.

First of all it was three big personalities who were responsible for the making of "GANGOTRI". The three people who launched many heroes, actors and actress could not come up with a new project. "Allu Arjun "being in the hands of a director like "Raghavendra Rao", who has many hits to name, Allu Aravaind, one of the main stone for strengthening the career of Chiranjeevi, Allu Aravind who is known to be one of the best producer and the person to launch maximum of the heroes failed to launch "Allu Arjun".

Though there was much talk about the movie I think when we see the movie a point comes to our mind, we may be thinking some thing is missing in the movie that is "perfection and clarity", to be frank "Gangotri movie is a tailor made movie to launch a producer's son in a bang.

Negative points of the movie:

1) Deficiency in story and screenplay
2) Imperfection in putting up the hero
3) Tailor made comedy scenes
4) Same strategies to grab audiences
5) Dragging the story
6) Mavvayadi mogalturu song that may become a negative point to the hero

This is a tailor made movie keeping in view of a few actors, may be this is the cause for the failure of the perfect story. To be frank there are some things for the failure of the movie. There are few actors who are useless and were just kept for name sake like "Seetha and Suman".

The comedy scenes could not mix up and the audiences get irritated in a few scenes. The dragging of the scenes some times made audience go out of the theatre. The same old strategies of songs with flowers and fruits made audience irritated. Dialogues though are good lost hold in some sequences.

May be after "Indra " it has become a fashion to make a movie in pilgrim centres, and this time may be that too failed. The main back lag for Allu Arjun will be in the hands of a bad director. May be Raghavendra Rao is a good director but this time he failed to show himself. Some times the audience can easily say the next scene. Chinni Krishna may be lacking of stories other wise he would have come up with a new line rather than making hero run to a pilgrim center or a far off land. And last but not the least the lead pair cannot come up to hide their age, may be this time the child actor should be moved so that audience does not get bored

Positive points

Allu Arjun: Though he was looking old he came up with good action, dance and fights, may be his acting course made him to do so. In one of the scene when his father dies he showed his perfection in acting. The scene when he jumps himself to rescue himself gave a good applause from the audience. Over all Allu Arjun's acting is good but he had to avoid songs like "mavayyadi mogaltooru", since audience cant expect to see him and can not tolerate since he looked some thing a like.

Aditi Agarwal: Aditi Agarwal is good and may become a positive aspect for the film, since this is a movie to launch a hero, there is no expectation from her. As usual she has been kept for some songs a few scenes and a chase at last. But she showed her perfection in face and may be she can grab few new projects in future.

Prakash Raj: As usual he is the lead pair and had shown down his skills, he shown his power in acting once again but in some scenes he lost perfection may be the story made him to do so.

Pragathi: Pragathi is one actress who came up with her skills this time. As usual being a side actress may be she has to thank writer for doing this. The last scenes had made the audience to silence. May be her face that can show feelings and the punch in dialogues and delivery had given her a good mark in the film.

Songs: M.M.Keeravani has done good job may be it will be better to see some songs to get the power of his music. Lyrics by veturi and Chandra Bose are good and gave good impact of the music.

The song jeevana vahini is good and the impact of the Ganga river is shown. The second song vallanki pitta is good is shown with good dance sequences. Railu bandi song is well picturised and is shown well. The fourth song "mavayya di mogaltooru" should not be in the movie since it shows the hero in the other end, may be it may be removed in a few days. Oka totalo is the song that comes in a sequence when heroine become matured, I don't why these such a scenes are shown in movies. There is sad song which is good and is not in the movie. The last song
"Nuvvu nenu kalisunte" is shot on Ganges and is shot beautifully.

The editing and the cinematography is good and stunts by Vijayan showed the potentiality of the hero.

Over all it is better to say "A talented hero in a bad directors hand"

Location: GEETHA 70 mm(R.C.Puram),morning show on 28th March 2003

Phani Kumar
[email protected]

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