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Review of the week - Awara Paagal Deewana
Punch Line: Action, Comedy, Thrills anyone?
Click here for more reviews - By Ziya Us Salam

Director: Vikram Bhatt
Starring: Akshay Kumar, Sunil Shetty, Aftab Shivdasani, Paresh Rawal, Preeti Jhangiany, Amrita Arora, Aarti Chhabria


He kicks and bends it like Beckham, summer of meager returns, Awara Paagal Deewana may just cheer you up. And Vikram Bhatt too, after all not many turned up to greet him when he beckoned with Aap Mujhe Achhe Lagne Lage earlier this year pulls like Dravid; and to berrow an oft -repeated expression, flies liked a butterfly, strings like a bee. He is Akshay Kumar, not the best of actors but one who is growing amiable with every film. He is brighter and grows a notch here as the go-getter man into matrimony for pecuniary benefit. He gets to do some whistle-attracting stunts here, reminding one of a certain Matrix! Keeping him company is Sunil Shetty, the man who invited scowl for a fleeting visit at the time of Balwaan and ended up conceding permanent residence on his countenance. If Akshay here is all agility, his man is all muscles. He has beaten guys to pulp without the scowl giving way to remorse or a grimace in the past. He does it here as well. And just as well. With them is Aftab Shivadasani, the little boy who seems to have strayed on to the studios from school, though he would have been a dentist's possible fish. As a dentist here, his performance shows the obvious absence of that something called wisidom tooth. Never mind, he is yet to cut one!

With our three hunks, there is a bevy beauties, each as inviting as sweets in a confectionary shop. And each probably occupying as much space in the film. Left to themselves Preeti Jhangiani, Amrita Arora and Aarti Chhabria - all one-film old can probably breathe life into listless parties. Here they attempt to do just a tad more elementary acting, dancing and an exhibition of figure and face in that orders that is required of a newcomer. And fall just a wee bit of short.

With these young men and women we have the not-so-young Paresh Rawal proving once again that what the surging passion of youth can accomplish, the calm waters of experience too can. And with greater dignity. Ina comic role here, he only repeats himself. He knows every nuance of his work. He gets to display his repertoire once more. And gets some help from dialogue writer Neeraj Vora who reserves the best lines for him, leaving poor Aftab sulking in the shadows. As the henpecked husband, Paresh is groomed for excellence.

Awara Paagal Deewana is more innovative than is name suggests, more bearable too.

This film opens with the story of a diamond-rich sethji - Om Puri in a role he would have probably forgotten before the film was completed - who leaves behind diamonds worth crores stacked up in a bank in the U.S. - reason enough for our Bollywood guys to go to Oman for some breathtaking visuals, thrilling action, fast music. Among the inheritors of his splendid legacy are Akshay, Preeti and Rahul Dev - the villain who looks better than the heroes! No equitable distribution here for the two men want to bump off each other to enhance their share. Greed, you see, is a frequent visitor that sneaks in unannounced, builds a durable bond with the inhabitant and refuses to leave! It leads to animosity, bullets, brave fights and all that cheers the stalls. But really, you won't mind watching this action-packed film simply because it comes packaged with consistent comic touches. Some of the scenes might be too loud, some of the jokes a shade challenging for morality not flexible enough but take all that in your stride. In this summer of meager returns, Awara Paagal Deewana may just cheer you up. And Vikram Bhatt too, after all not many turned up to greet him when he beckoned with Aap Mujhe Achhe Lagne Lage earlier this year.

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