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bollywood - hindi cinema
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Review of the week - Boom
Punch Line: boom goes bust (yes! pun intended)
Click here for more reviews - By Jeevi

Jeevi Rating: 0.5/5
Cast: Amitab Bachchan, Gulshan Grover, Jackie Shroff, Jaaved Jaaferi, Zeenat Aman, Katrina Kaif, Madhu Sapre, Padma Lakshmi, Seema Biswas and Bo Derek
Banner: Quest Films
Director of Photography: Himman
Music Composer: Sandeep Chowta & Talvin Singh
Editors: Reva Childs

Sound Engineer: Resul
Script - Direction: Kaizad Gustad
Producer: Ayesha Shroff
Theatrical release date: 19th September 2003

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Three super models of India - Anu (Madhu Sapre), Shiela (Padma Lakshmi) and Rina (Katrina Kaif) - are buddies and stay at the same place. In one of the diamond-studded ramps set against Gateway of India Anu accidentally bumps into another model and falls down. Immediately Anu picks fight with her and in that scuffle her hair opens up and 100's of diamonds fall on the ramp. The people around pick those diamonds up. Actually those antique diamonds are stolen ones from a museum in Hyderabad to be smuggled to Dubai through that model.

Bade Mia (Amitab Bachchan), Medium Mia (Gulshan Grover) and Chote Mia (Jackie Shroff) are the most wanted dons who rule the mafia world. Bade Mia and Medium Mia sit in Dubai as Chote Mia operates from Mumbai. These diamonds are smuggled by Mias. Hence, Boom Shankar (Jaaved Jaaferi) - an aide of Chote Mia - threatens these three models of dire consequences as their stupidity led to the expose of antique diamonds.

The rest of the plot is all about the threatening moves of the gangsters and the mind games of the super models.

Artists performances:

Actors: One wonders why Amitab Bachchan accepted such a senseless script. His role in this film does not need an actor of his potential and its utterly disgusting to see an actor of Amitab stature to see in such a role that has some perverted mannerisms attached to it. Gulshan Grover is apt. Jackie Shroff played a lewd role that has one girl sitting under his table all the time as he performs the operations of his don syndicate in Mumbai. Jaaved Jaaferi donned the role of a maverick side kick with typical mumbayya mannerisms.

Actresses: Zeenat Aman made a come back with this film. And she is looking extremely sexy even at this age. Not to be far behind the super models in this film, she did a sensuous dance (Dum maro dum song) on the table on Bade Mia by showing her legs and thighs in a seductive way. Katrina Kaif exposed lots of cleavage and is taken for a ride in her maiden film. Padma Lakshmi offers nothing to the audiences except for her liberal skin-show. Madhu Sapre is a mile ahead of other two female leads in this film in exhibitionism. But the surprise pack of the film is Seema Biswas who makes a turn around in the middle of the film and ends up being the brain behind the body-touting heroines. One wonders why there is need to cast Bo Derek in this film and she was wasted.

Technicians performances:

Story: The story is about the glorified mafia world and super model's life. The director has chosen an unrealistic way of showcasing the lifestyles of mafia people and personal lives of super models.

Screenplay - direction: There is no screenplay in this film. The director seems to have gathered the spools and stitched them at his fancy. The sequences in film are incoherent and keeps the audience clueless all the time. The director has focused more on the cleavages, thighs and long legs of the heroines than on the script. There are very crude and grotesque scenes that show sex in a perverted way that put even the lewdest men into embarrassment. The direction of the film is pathetic and would caught the viewer unawares.

Other departments: Photography of the film by Himman is good and lighting schemes are realistic. Music by Sandeep Chowta and Talvin Singh is so so. Looks like the makers have employed the 'spot-dubbing' technique and the dialogue in the film is hardly audible. The sound recording by Resul does not suit the theaters in India. Editing by Reva Childs leaves a lot to be desired. Locales in the film are stunning.

Production: Its surprising to see a lady like Ayesha Shroff producing a film that has so much of flesh and direct reference towards crude sex. The film is made on pretty high budget. But what the producers should do is resist themselves from falling prey to these so called directors who did the film direction courses in USA who concentrate more on hype and less on content.

Analysis: This is one of the most disgusting films to watch along with your family. The direction of the film is pathetic and it bores you to the extreme. This film is like watching 'F TV on a 70mm screen'. But if you get enticed by it and go to the theater, you are taken for a ride for 2 full hours. Avoid watching this flick.

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